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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Favourite Images and Chosen of the Month

For the slideshow’s direct link, click here.

These pictures are property of their respective artists and have no affiliations with this blog. I liked them, I collect them and I share them with readers. Kind of like collecting stamps. Please support these artists by visiting CGSociety, Deviant Art and 3D Artists.


For the FEBRUARY 2008 Slideshow’s direct link, click here.

Links to Images from February 2008’s Slideshow...
A Water Faerie
Chinese Battle Ladies
Virgo Angel
Sky Port: Rural
Sky Port: Mountainous
Silent Cathedral
Mosque at Golden Light
Crafted Silver Flower
Lords of the Elements
Castle of White
The Snow Wolf
The Knight Lady



Copyright HOTgraFX

Sometimes, I find one really, really awesome picture and kept it in my Secret Stash. What makes these pictures beautiful is that I find an imaginary connection to it with a life project of mine, a fantasy series so to speak. The landscape picture by Artist No.1 is what I thought magical woodlands would be or that sci-fi spaceship by Artist No.2 is the battle-craft for a war I had been detailing about.

To keep my writing skill from getting rusty before I find a columnist-type job, I choose a picture from my Stash every month and share it with readers for a whole month as I write a short story of what I had imagined the picture was about.

Here, updated on a regular basis, are the previous pictures by such amazing artists and my inspired stories for them.


March’s Magic Image Story: The Sleeping Geyser


February's Flight (2008): A Slave's Memory


January's Journey (2008): The Stone Necropolis


December's Dream (2007): Follow the Mouse

I have a pretty big Stash. You can help me choose what I can use for the following month by voting in the poll on the right-hand side of the blog.

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