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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Of Two Ice-Masters

Since school is starting again, I have access to the Internet more often now. The ‘I-have-to-go-to-school’ excuse can now be implemented again, leaving my little brother to do the laundry. Not that I’ve ever did laundry in a long time anyway but house-chores will be house-chores.

In between registering new courses and writing up the game proposal for my thesis project v2.0 (my new supervisor is a phD! I shall dub him ‘Dr. Visor’), I had a few minutes to squeeze a search-and-drool on DeviantArt for this week’s image.

Guess what I found?

This ‘bishounen’ is property of artist Yue-iceseal. You can tell by his link on the image itself so I won’t bother linking to his site address (haha!). Like a lot of the best imaginative artist, Yue-seal attributes this image to a character he envisioned. He used as in a role-play game forum.

This character he drew is an ice wizard and it got me thinking of my own ice-mastery character in my Imaginary-World-Ideas.

In my game project, Unlocking Pandora, Niq Hillshire a character who uses the ice-blades and the ice-flows as his combative and augmentive spells. Per see, he isn’t a full-fledged ice mage; he’s a sword fighter. An ice mage is my other character from an older story, the Wolf and the Wildflower, prologue to my game project.

This is Cedric No-last-name (also by a DeviantArt artist). He’s a covert operative for a mission of life and death (obviously); aka secret agent. Here’s a little game story spoiler.

Sometime between the end of the Wolf and the Wildflower and prior to Unlocking Pandora, Niq and Cedric met and the latter was taught ice spells. Niq was a younger, moodier guy than Cedric. Despite all that, Cedric knew Niq’s potential. He offered Niq a chance to go to the water-magic Region and become a true ice-mage.

But then there was trouble in Niq’s hometown and Niq had to turn Cedric down. The two separated and never crossed paths again... until the events of Unlocking Pandora that is...

Often I wondered if I had written Niq’s fate differently. If Niq Hillshire had taken up Cedric SecretAgent’s offer and became a true ice mage, Yue-iceseal’s picture would have portrayed him best.

Niq Hillshire had always been a lone wolf. A childhood incident had dulled his attachment to other people. He’s a hard-worker and high-achiever since he’s afraid to be dependable on others. If Niq had joined Cedric and ignored the trouble in his hometown, I suppose he’ll be a greater loner, a brilliant but guilt-stricken mage.

And that was a long ago decision. Niq didn’t abandon his family. Along the way, he learned sword fighting an in turn, he created his own ice-mastery spells; the ice-blades. His unique craft would be tested in the events I have plans for in my game project (oooo, hype...).

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