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Friday, January 25, 2008

To Nuffnang or To Not Nuffnang?

Okay, there was one difference to my previous blog entry. It turns out that I didn’t have Java class yesterday’s Thursday after all. Lec. Java had been trying to contact me but she used the old house phone number, which I’ve already discontinued ages and ages ago.

Luckily for me, she sought me out, pacing like a restless kitty outside the PC Lab (some idiot administrator locked it, or maybe this door knob is just as buggy as the next one). Aaah, bust. I said sorry, we chatted, she mentioned Dr. Visor is looking for me (eeep!), made plans for next week’s class and that I’ll contact the other 2 students ASAP.

Yes, only 2 other students besides me. Like I said, Multimedia majors are a small clique.

Being at this is ‘malam Jumaat’ (the night before Friday), nobody is at my home and I didn’t want to stay home alone and the roads would be too packed to drive to Ikano Power Centre, I stayed at school for a few more hours, just long enough for the part-time students to crash into the PC Labs.

Unlike fresh-faced full time students, the male of this side of the education are older, rowdier and have hands that never stray far from below their belts, if you know what I mean.

No, that one is not what I mean.

Any sane woman would prefer homicidal baby nephews to suspicious male groups that form after 7pm, even if the male group is completely exposed in a reception hall under blazing florescent lights. Or maybe I’m just paranoid. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t trying to grab at me in roads after dark.


But if I had stayed longer, in a workstation with PC access, maybe I would have finally reached a proper decision on something that had been bugging me since last month. You see, before I started blogging, I made a policy not to post ads on my blog. Not only would this be distracting, it also takes more time to load the pages (and we all know the notoriety of ‘school’ and ‘slow PCs’).

In short, I just don’t like ads in my space.

My personal space. If this had been a website project for school, I’ll drop in ads like there’s no tomorrow, if it’ll get me $ or As. And I don’t post as often as many Nuffnang’d bloggers (you know who you are), namely, everyday postings. Increased entrys = increased traffic. There’s no point in adding unsightly ads if traffic doesn’t pay for it.

That’s how my older blog fell to pieces. More concerns for ads and traffic than the subject matters. My own thoughts. I didn’t want a repeat of the last time, even though my blog died years ago, long before Nuffnang came online.

On the other hand, I get money. I’m an undergraduate with -$100 in her purse. I sneak notepads into bookstores and copy chapters from new books. All my clothes are either Brand’s Outlet or Hypermarket’s Outlet or (horrors!) Mak’s Outlet. I spend no money on make-up or shoes or even internet connection. I save every 5 cents I can pouch in, even if those 5 cents was found on the ground. In the mud.

I even taught myself how to cook.

Hehehehe, okay I’m still very much better off than most kids and I do thank God for that. I don’t need much money to really keep in working or studying but it’ll helps if I don’t have to ask my pair of sour-faces for even the smallest monetary dependency. Every morning when I wake up, it’s in the bedroom with furniture that they brought and in sheets washed with water which bills were paid by them.

Them and their EPF. Dickens’s Ebenezer Scrooge got nothing on my parents.

So in the heart of deciding to Nuffnang or not to Nuffnang, I really wanted something in the post that’s neither a bill nor a pizza discount voucher (though we also get wedding invitations, magazines, loan shark ads, even underwear once). The sad secret which I shall divulge, since nobody here knows who I am, is that I’m really, really running out of money.

My next semester bill is coming up and I haven’t the heart to ask for $3000 fee. Yet. I know the plight of parental responsibility and such but I’m getting old. The responsibility should be reversed. Government ruling says that parents are obligatory to support their children until they reach age 21 and I’m years past that. I respect them as individuals but as parents... it would help if they don’t keep looking at me as if I’m ugly oversized furniture they can’t get rid of.

So as I’m getting this blog a Nuffnang advertising, alongside to join various other popular blogging communities. It’s not much, there’s no real gain by it and the results would fluctuate. But by damn, I’m going to start paying for my own petrol money one way or another.

Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit. Once I get an account big enough to earn my own internet connection, maybe I won’t have to stay back school for so long, then walk to my parked car in the dark night.

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