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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I’m Freeeee!

Well, the title says it all. I’m so freaking tired... and the holidays only last until 18th May! Gosh, I’m so damned to do so many things. I’m not confident I did well on one of the exams but I know I passed the project paper and that’s the most important one of all. Yeah, yeah, cross when approaching bridge, I get the proverb.

So! What the hell am I going to do? Well, for starters, I guess I better update this here blog then. It’s true that parting makes the heart grow fonder and I’d say that this blog is too pretty to be parted for so long.

Damn if I don’t sound like pinksterzisme *bleh!*

This is due to the instantaneous blog writing I have in my head. I’m practically thinking as I write and thus, nonsensical information ahead, readers beware les my evil Baddie drains your brain too.

Okay, there! I’ve exhaled a bit of ranting. Now for the more serious part.

Today is Wednesday and so tomorrow, Thursday, will be the first of May. Haha, Labour Day. Makes me wonder if my sister’s inner parasite will decide if his infancy self wants to hatch yet or so. Don’t worry, the guy’s still in pre-birth mode, but the May month will be the final hour of which BabyNabil gets a little brother.

The house in Kt. D’sara is being prepped and the hospital route has been planned in case of emergency. Now if only we can get BabyNabil to call himself ‘Abang’...

For myself, tomorrow I’ll be at the MPH warehouse sale at Komplex Kelana Jaya. Now that my exams are over, it’s high, high, very HIGH time I get me a new paperback novel. Or a manga. Preferably a manga but I don’t think MHP got the same stuff as Borders. Or if they did, the juicy pickings I wanted are probably been devoured by the members yesterday *hehehe!*

Anybody going to the MPH warehouse sale tomorrow? Can belanja me makan? Alaa...

The second next thingy for me in May in on the 8th of May till the 11th. In my previous entry, I said that I’m applying for a quick job scheme for my school following an International Red Crescent Bazzar coming up in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.

There should be food stalls, game stalls, maybe even a blood donation drive. Haha, takes me back to secondary school (nearly fainted at the sight of needle-into-arm, and that’s just my friend’s arm!). If anybody going to the IRC Bazzar in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa on those days, look out for a girl in a headscarf hanging around the blue-red-grey UNITAR booth. She’s definitely going to try to get you to enroll so be careful of her salesmanship skills!

I’ll post pictures about everything soon. Gosh, my head still hurts. I really hope you don’t mind the constant excessive lettering. I’ll try to post a more normal, boring topic once I forget what day is it today.

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