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Friday, February 1, 2008

I Got Tagged but I Need a Fourth Wheel!

My Thursdays, as some of you might remember, is always my Spend-Night-At-School. Not that I actually sleep at school but it’s a great opportunity to get some work done in a very quiet time. Gives me an opportunity to visit blogs of blogger’s friends.

So I had my dinner of Ayamas’s Pepper Chicken Rice.

And I suddenly remember that the toosuperheroes had just got an influx of Sarawak pepper. I don’t know if Ayamas is using the same Sarawak pepper or some Western species because I say RM$5.80 for one box of quarter chicken with rice is ridiculously expensive.

Anyway, since I don’t want to go home yet (late pm as it was) so instead I waited long enough so the surrounding mamak stalls would be too full of late night TV people for snatch thieves to risk striking lone walkers. Yeah, my headscarf just screams female.

Dessert. It’s something Mak packed for me from the fridge. It’s got a sponge cake base, clear grape jelly centre and a thick condensed milk on top. It’s delicious; one of few of Mak’s cooking experiments that are more than just edible.

So as I was chomping on my dessert and surfing to their site and gosh, what did I find?

I’ve been tagged.

What? Did you expect one of them had puked (again) or something?

This is great because I’ve never been tagged before, considering my baby is barely 2 months old. Now whom the heck do I tag for the next 4 people? I immediately thought of 3 fellows that might appreciate getting tagged but who will be my fourth wheel?


Looks like a trip through then!

All this eating and blogging and I damn hell forgot to do my homework! Gimme a day or two to find my fourth tag, guys!

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