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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

100 Useless Facts About This Blogger

1. I have a silver bracelet on my left wrist and a gold one on my right. I’ve never taken them off since Form 5.
2. I’m having a busy time at the moment, so that’s why I’m writing this list.
3. I don’t have home Internet. Some ‘genius’ senior parental unit made a home renovation error and so this house doesn’t even have a direct phone line.
4. I surf online and blog in cyber cafes and at school.
5. I like to download illegal games, yet I am a budding game-maker myself. Hypocrite of me, ain’t I?
6. I have not yet read any of The Spiderwick Chronicles books.
7. ... but I will watch the movie!
8. I have two other characters in this blog, Brainy and Baddie. I’ll let you decide which is which.

9. My favourite book series at the moment is Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files
10. My other online nicknames are Star_Virgo, Ophiuchus and prime_spirit.
11. I think Chickens come first.
12. I enjoy free stuff (who doesn’t?)... except free sex.
13. I am often superstitious about the number 13.
14. I use Spellchecker... a lot.
15. My favourite newspaper is The Star instead of The New Straits Times.
16. I think gay guys are hot.
17. At the moment, I am battling between a McDonalds cheeseburger and Ayamas Pepper Chicken Rice.
18. ... and I think the chicken rice is winning.
19. I want to print out the whole book from this website.
Shaman, Saiva and Sufi
A Study of the Evolution of Malay Magic

20. Does anybody know where I can buy an inexpensive but really nice pair of dark-blue jeans?
21. If Life is all Digital, Programming is Procreation.
22. My dirty little secret is that when I’m in the hypermarkets, I like to take packs of condoms and stick them openly in baby strollers. “Free condom for every baby stroller” should be a bargain.
23. I support open-source.
24. This is how old I will be this year.
25. If you’re reading this far, you’re a real busybody.
26. I think football... is cute. And I support Arsenal!
27. My real name is Liza; change the first letter of that name and you’ll get my favourite food.
28. My body mass index is 24.8 (eeep!).
29. I don’t have either Frienster or MySpace. Should I?
30. I am against Terror, Torture and Rape. I will at times, write about these hateful acts.
31. I am a Malay.
32. I wear a headscarf, usually of white cotton.
33. I am against polygamy.
34. Believe me, I’m really, REALLY against polygamy.
35. I often have trouble shopping for shoes because of my tall height.
36. Is being ‘high-wasted’ a bad thing? It sounds as if I have bigger thighs.
37. I can only have 2 hours’ time limit at my school’s PC.
38. ... which doesn’t really matter because I just log off and then log back in again.
39. Originally, this was supposed to be just ’50 Useless Facts About This Blogger.’
40. My paternal grandfather was a Singaporean policeman, but he’s originally from Perak.
41. Both my maternal grandparents were Javanese.
42. When I’m bored, I think about food, guys, sex and homework... exactly in that order.
43. What makes me weird from normal girls is that I prefer watching the news (Aljazeera, CNN, BBC, etc...) more than I watch entertainment channels.
44. I don’t have a small thumdrive. I carry around a bulky portable harddrive.
45. It took me about just over 30 minutes to write this list this far.
46. I have never turned down cheesecake.
47. I also never share chocolate.
48. I think snakes are the sexiest moving creatures on the planet.
49. I should be really doing my homework now.
50. If you’re reading this far, you might be a weirdo (useless facts, okay?).
51. Time is My Enemy but it also makes a Lousy Beautician.
52. ‘Sleep is God’ was a typo... but we all ought to worship by napping.
53. I use a Sony Ericsson Z710i cellphone to take pictures.
54. When I’m nervous, I unintentionally chew the ends of my hair.
55. I have one previous blog in the past.
56. There are times when I just was to strangle MySis’s lil’ pipsqueak.
57. But I’ll have to catch him first!
58. I have no idea how such short legs could run so fast.
59. There is a straight long scar on my right wrist, almost cutting across my artery.
60. I instructively jiggle my right foot whenever I sit down.
61. One of my aunts gets annoyed every time I do that.
62. If I were to become a ambassador of goodwill for something, I want to put a stop to honour crimes (like forced marriages, gang-rape punishments, female circumcision, etc...).
63. My favourite type of PC games is role-playing ones.
64. I hardly ever wear make-up.
65. There are certain situations where I’m really, really scared of heights and the dark.
66. I believe in many supernatural events.
67. I think the black crows of Kelana Jaya have a personal vendetta against me.
68. I will be around The Curve’s bookstores on March 14th (Friday).
69. I like to play with Adobe Flash program.
70. The most unusual thing I’ve ever eaten was a juicy barbecued rabbit (yummy!).
71. I’ve been to Bangkok, Bali, Perth, Paris and London.
72. I’ve replaced my IC twice before.
73. I’ve dated 3 guys before and my family never heard a word about any of them.
74. I can read a whole novel under 3 hours; works well at bookstores.
75. If you’re reading this far, I’m beginning to get worried on who you are.
76. My secret to most of my ideas is in my dreams.
77. At times, I’m sad that I can’t support myself yet to properly pursue my book projects.
78. I have a tendency to write really long blog entries (did you noticed?).
79. I once killed a huge rat with a No. 9 iron golf club.
80. When it comes to music, I prefer rock, pop and rap.
81. My favourite kind of day is when it rains in the afternoon and I stroll along in the jogging park with an umbrella.
82. Due to the high risk of kidnapping cases, I can’t do that anymore.
83. My kampung is in Tanjung Malim and Pontian Kechil, but nowadays, most of the families had moved to Batu Arang instead.
84. I seriously doubt that petrol prices will ever go down (sigh!).
85. I have good faith in the government; it’s the fellows leading the government that worries me.
86. When I was five, I fell from a horse once and ended up with a bloody lip and some broken teeth.
87. If the world would end tomorrow, I would like a pizza as my last meal.
88. If having a relationship means that my man would wear the pants, it’s because he hasn’t finished doing my laundry.
89. I’m taking Electronic Documentation, Virtual Reality and Multimedia Programming this semester.
90. The cafĂ© at school is popular only because it’s cheap-larr!
91. Who was the guy who first looked at a cow’s udders and said, “I think I’ll drink whatever comes out when I squeeze these things.”?
92. I’m a cat person.
93. I think the Beijing Olympics 2008 is overly hyped.
94. Is the amount of data (in gigabytes) I have in my PC.
95. Is how old I’d like to be when I die.
96. Is the amount (in RM$0) I spent on petrol for my car every month.
97. Is the amount of minutes it took for me to write this blog entry! *hehehe!*
98. The first time I saw the middle finger insult, my friend told me it was a shadow-play for a snail. I believed him for a long time and even showed it to children.
99. I’ve been wearing my gold bracelet longer than my silver one.
100. If you’re reading this far, I’d just stop thinking funny thoughts and would like to say thanks!

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