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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Growing Blooms

Unlocking Pandora is a simplistic game project I’m working on for some time now. Most recently, I’ve managed to get it to be approved as my final Project Paper in Multimedia. The links here direct to the blog entries of my project updates.

The game will be given for free once it’s completed. It’ll be churlish of me to actually sell it for profit, considering how I got the authoring tool and its resources.

Due date for Project Paper report: April 2008
Due date for Unlocking Pandora Act 1 release: December 2008
Due date for complete 4 Acts of game: Not sure yet but it can’t be more than Spring of 2009


Game Project Update: About RPG Maker 2003 System

Game Project Update: Emotions Run High

Game Project Update: Animating and Spriting

Game Project Update: The Storyline

Game Project: Unlocking Pandora

Other than the game project, I also have two book projects I'm working on that's mostly just for private use. I won't publish either one of them unless I'm more sure of the local market OR I find an overseas publisher that's willing.

Book Project: Myths of Suvon

Book Project: Marigold's Masquerade

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
Reynold’s Map of Modern London (1859) by James Reynold

A JPEG file of Victorian London. Original link is here.

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