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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What’s Your Favourite Death Wish?

I was listening to Pop Shuvit’s Mara Bahaya mp3 while tip-tapping away at the keyboards when it dawned to me how the music really makes me want to get up and going, do something that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Hardly a blog entry would achieve that.

It was either I stop listening to our local music bands (hehehe, not really...) else I get out of my chair and play chicken on the LDP freeway. Luckily there is a third option because the former would upset the local music industry and the latter would upset the MBPJ (chicken lady on LDP, news at eight).

My substitute was to look for a few good death wishes online (heaven praise to Google).

A death wish usually mean a person who is contemplating a last-act, final-resort action before succumbing to death. This term usually applied to depressed, nothing-left-to-lose folks.

However, in the confidence of a better outcome, to describe a death wish associated with an adrenaline junkie is just to say, “He’s plain crazy”. Hooked on the natural body’s response to a fight-or-flight situation; these things really get the juices pumping and is a healthy thing to do.

Of course, if in doing the said death wish don’t get you killed.

Mmm-mmmm, fast cars. A key to a girl’s heart is a key to a silver Mercedes Benz SLK (well, at least it works with this girl). Brutally honest fact, I love to drive. I take every opportunity to get into any of my parents’, siblings’, relatives’ friends’ car and be in charge of the steering wheel. Ask me to buy sugar in 7-Eleven at 3 in the morning? No problem! Let me get the car keys...

I suppose it’s one thing I inherited from my grandfather. He owned cars during the British era, when cars are so scarce, the roads are practically empty. His last car was a Kancil, since it’s so light and speedy.

Speedy is what I do best in a car. My death wish is to drive a real Mercedes Benz SLK and take it on the longest, straightest, emptiest highway in Germany (they got no speed limit!).

Aaaah yes. The gloves, the ropes, the carribena, the tight-strapped hip harness men won’t wear without a really good reason... I took a youth camp course when I was 14 and my favourite activity was definitely the rock climbing. Though it was a damn huge rock I was tasked to conquer, in retrospect, it was probably pretty tame.

In reality, I’m so scared of heights, I get nauseous just trying to walk on a pedestrian bridge. I’ve once got so nervous on a flying-fox at one course in (Outward Bound, Lumut), that I practically cried like a baby (the instructors let me down by ladder *shame-shame*).

Even so, given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (or rather the last-thing-I-might-do-in-a lifetime opportunity) and with a rock this big and precarious looking, I shake out my tracksuits.

Haha, the piece-de-resistance. Yes, I might be tempted to jump through the open door of an airplane with an oversized umbrella. Still, it’ll definitely be my ultimate death wish, suspended only by clouds. On a whimsical note, I often wonder if what skydivers felt is what birds feel on their first belly-flop before flight.

Believe it or not, there’s a sky-diving centre in Malaysia. Located in Segamat, Fras Skydiving Centre offers beginners’ static-line course (whatever that means). Read a first-hand report from someone who was probably forced to do it, here:

Racing cars, rock-climbing and sky-diving would be my favourite death wishes, the thing that I might do before I’ll die happy (Dear Big-Guy-Above, please don’t play ominous music, that was not a literal prayer).

So I’m going to throw this question out to all readers. What’s your favourite death wish? Do you think you can achieve it? How old would you think you’ll get around to it?

Games Review: King’s Quest 2 (VGA Remake) by AGD Interactive

After I’ve updated my anti-virus yesterday, I decided to clean up my old-old-old folders. You wouldn’t believe all the junk I’ve collected and backed-up throughout all the 3 PCs in my lifetime (Mak was a pioneer systems analyst before she retired so our family was computer oriented since the early 1980s).

I was checking through a file that’s almost 5 years old when I came across this pretty piece of a gem. Dusty gem, faded colours with rusty fittings but still a gem.

King’ Quest 2: Romancing The Stones

Your humble, loyal, utterly devoted servant. He’s a bit... strange.

A long, long time ago before there was Playstation 2 (yes, there was life before Playstation), there was the PC and the games that depended on them. I’m practically old enough to remember original Sierra Entertainment Games (before it became Sierra On-Line).

However, this game is not it.

Look, a house! Maybe if you ask politely for directions, the mysterious inhabitants won’t try to eat you.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T spells ‘pumpkin pie’, lady!

Actually, it’s only half-and-half. You see, the graphics here are from a remake of the second of one of the first games ever built for the PC, King’s Quest series. You can tell by its generic title. Before there was Everquest, there was King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Throne, a 12-bit graphic and text-based gameplay.

Oh, please don’t make me explain what is 12-bit graphics or text-based gameplay. You’ll make me sound old.

The game utilizes every animal known in the monster book.

Just because he’s the only river-taxi guy doesn’t mean he could charge a freaking $$$&%*...

Riding on Sierra’s success, AGD Interactive is a small-profit development team that is remaking some of Sierra’s old games. For fun. So this means that this game can be downloaded for free.

I don’t mind classic as long as the gameplay (and visual) are pleasing so I took a nostalgic trip last night. Following the continuation of King’s Quest 1, your hero is Sir Graham, now the king of the nation, albeit a very lonely one.

Oooo, spooky church. What a welcoming façade.

Stop for a moment to enjoy that nice woody digitised scenery.

You need a pretty girl to occupy the big red chair next to your throne so in the impulse of a dream, you set off to a land far away on an adventure of point-and-click proportions to save baby ducklings, fetch a basket of flowers, trick a half-blind witch (no difficulty there; really...), deal with grumpy librarians and get in the middle of the clichéd vampires vs. werewolves war.

Oh yeah, you have to remember to rescue a damsel in distress somewhere at some point.

Ol’ King Neptune wants something for you just as you wants something from him.

Welcome to Surrealism Isle. Please follow the completely safe route to the tower.

Although this is a games review, I’m not going to be totally serious on the aspects of the Four Commandments of a Good Game as I always do, mainly because this was a classic of elderly proportions. I liked it, it’s nostalgic to me and mostly, you still can download this game for free (took me a while to find a working download link; haven’t I mentioned that this game is almost 5 YEARS old?).

The download includes both the game, the speech package and its music package as well. Beforewared though, it’s over 100MB... (hehehe!).

Click here to Download this Game:
Click here for complete walkthrough:

Click here to Download the Previous Game (Quest For the Crown):
Click here for Quest For the Crown’s complete walkthrough:

You’ll Never See These In Any Bookstore

I’m supposed to be having my semester break starting last Monday. I’m using the term ‘supposed to’ in purely rhetorical terms because come hell or high water, I’m still going to battle NKVE morning traffic to secure my place in the PC workstation for the internet.

Cyber café? Naaaah...
I’m saving money to buy a new book. Witness my totally serious stance to literature.

I know what you’re thinking. Damn, my thighs are huge...*sigh*

I’ve read every book you see here at least once and it’s still not as much as I would like. I haven’t read enough books to declare which one would make an interesting review. I’m practically starved for fiction at the moment and my Nuffnang pay doesn’t come up this month. Checking around for second hand books though.

Granted, the book I planned to buy is something I’ve already sneak-read in The Curve’s Borders bookstore (if anybody found a RM$1 bookmark - that's literally is one ringgit - please, please return to this absent-minded beggar *boo-hoo*).

And the real book I would love to buy is still in hardcover and really, reeeeeeeeally wanted book... is no longer in publication (see my Wishlist). Most of the books I’m targeting are either in the romance or fantasy or mystery section. Preferably something with a third of each.

But you know what I really like to see? Not necessarily to read but something definitely interesting to browse through. Bookstores stocked with these titles. I swear you’ll never see books like these unless probably in a shady cult store.


Santa Claus’s Travel Guide: Includes nice places, not-so-nice places, nice-to-be-naughty places and regions hostile to unidentified flying sleds.

War and Peace; written in SMS language.

Pop-out Children’s Book: Teach them the Birds and the Bees Caution: illustrations in the pop-outs may or may not have been exaggerated.

Oxymoronic Dictionary: Where everything means the opposite of what it is.

Do-It-Yourself Acupuncture: A step-by-step instructional guide from ‘pincushion’ to ‘pufferfish’ to ‘Stick It Like How Julius Caesar Popped’.

Guide to Profanities and Obscene Hand Gestures: Get ready to spit the ***king crap out of your grandmother and her favourite lesbian stripper.

Must Watch Movies as divided into New Rating Scheme:
G-ratings (nobody gets the girl)
PG-ratings (good guy gets the girl)
R-ratings (bad guy gets the girl)
X-ratings (everybody gets the girl!)
XXX-ratings (everybody gets the girl, her mother-in-law and their Chihuahua)

Chicken Overkill Recipes: The best ways to prepare ayam kampung (free-range chicken) after you’ve ran it over with your car. Try the ‘Chicken Die Standing’.

Complete Illustrated Works of Karma Sutra: *no really, where the hell can you find a thorough and explicit comprehension anywhere nowadays?*

Fun Ways to Nearly Kill Yourself While Travelling: North Korean Edition (note: 1100 pages thick).

Malaysian Judicial System: Step One; cellphone etiquette. Step two; pretend ignorance of any video. Step three; escape to remote locations in Southern Hemisphere...

1001 Excuses You Can Use for Not Doing Your Homework: “...I’m currently going through déjà vu and amnesia at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

PS: On a more useful tip, I recommend Sams Teach Yourself Programming with Java by Rogers Cadenhead if you want to advance on Java programming. Either the author was high on a caffeine-beer mixture when he wrote this, or he really did have a candy-apple red thong underwear with embroidered text “My dog can beat up Paris Hilton’s dog.”

More Weeds...

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