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Monday, March 3, 2008

Invaded by Chicken Tartlets!

Do you guys watch Astro’s AFC (Asian Food Channel)? My mom does. My mom and all her 5 sisters as well. Not to mention her Al-Quran reading class and her SPPUM club as well. There’s always some kind of verbal cook-off between them every time there’s a kenduri or an open house or... well, senior housewives after all.

Mak’s favourite area of makes-family-fat expertise are pies and tarts. In fact, anything that can be dumped onto a bread/pastry/carbohydrate-swollen base and baked in the microwave is what Mak loves to do.

Something they work and sometimes they don’t *cough*seafood quiche*cough*.

But her chicken tartlets definitely works.

What I woke up to breakfast this morning.

I guess it had something to do with watching that show a few details about making pies, like egg wash instead of butter to coat the pans. So the night before, Mak made some creamy white sauce and fried some chicken mince meat with mixed veggies and then mixed them together to become the pie filling.

Hey, these look great!

Too bad MySis wasn’t around to learn the pie-making, now that AbangHuzir is back from overseas and their family is at their home (my sister needs to be around people, in case her pregnancy get complicated). She would have swiped them to oblivion (me and MySis are like evil witches. Between us, pies disappear like magic! *hehehe!*).

Creamy insides.

The filling consists of minced chicken, mixed veggies, white sauce, tiny cubed potatoes and chopped mushrooms.

Mak really goes free with the white sauce this time. When eaten hot, it’s like biting into a pastry cupcake of thick chicken and mushroom soup. I hope she remembers to re-heat it before she serves them to her reading class but it’s nice when eaten cold as well. Kind of like a picnic food.

Speaking of picnics, I hope Mak doesn’t mind me sneaking a couple of these for my lunch! *hehehe!*

Aiyo, better remember not to open my bag during class. Their nicely-baked smell is kind of strong.

Repentant Cyber Café Sneak Returned My Purse

Hello readers.

The embers of my incensed rage had finally died away today, leaving me feeling between RM$62.50 poorer but 100 times wiser.

Yesterday, I posted a blog entry about some guy that stole my purse. I was at cyber café and the purse had fallen out of my pocket and onto the floor. Granted, I was too busy being online to have noticed it but I’m no less guilty on the adjective ‘careless’.

So what’s it be? Good news? Bad news?

Well the entry title says it all of course. Like I’ve mention, the act of outright thievery was all caught on the café’s CCTV camera. The video caught the moment I entered the building to when the purse dropped out from my pocket without me noticing to the kid standing, looking very mild-mannered, to from being mild-mannered to being Gremlin’s little helper.

I had a few inconsistencies with the incident as I’ve described. It wasn’t a Chinese guy but a Malay boy. I couldn’t see the video properly at the time. A tall, skinny, light-skinned, very young Malay kid (still with ugly shirt and pinchy fingers however). The 14-year-old kid thought of a get-rich-quick by stealing. Too bad he didn’t have better friends.

I was so mad the other day that I badly wanted to get at the unknown thief with my TeakwonDo right hook (didn’t win silver medal at school championship for nothing). But instead, I turn like the Wicked Witch and semi-publicly steamed at the mamak guys who manned the counter. Them and their laid back approach to security.

I know these mamak fellas by sight for over 6 months now and they’re not always reliable (all disappeared at more than the twice the times I wanted to pay my fee; any kid worth his fingers can simply clean out the cash counter). But I supposed the words ‘police report’ was intimidating enough.

So while I was at Mutiara D’sara and meeting SargeH for the first time, the internet cafe staff managed to grab hold of a friend of the thief, namely the regular customers who played the games in the café’. The guy was shown the CCTV video and as a very good friend he was, identified the name, address and phone number of the thief.

Yeah, duuuuh the thief denied it. But his face on the video was too clear. He can either fess-up and come clean... or he can wait until I get my hands on the CCTV video and let me scream his misdeeds online every day until SargeH catches him in a full blazing civil charge. In fact, my mom was so warmed-up on her anger on what happened (her temper is more volatile); she was ready to get the kid a bus ticket to Henry Gurney’s School (Malaysia’s juvenile penitentiary).

Here's the best part.

His parents didn't know he was caught stealing.

I betcha the stupid teen didn't think I would go through the trouble of actually lodging a police report or that SargeH had an empty week (told me he had another internet cafe theft in D'sara Utama and was hoping the two cases connected). Then again, the thief didn't think internet cafes had CCTVs either.

Ayah says that I don’t need to meet him (which are good because my right fist is still itching). What I really want are my IC card and driver’s license back (I really, really, rather not have to go through all that application process, thank you very much).

There's no chance on getting the money back at all. RM$62.50 was gone, accoding to this Amir kid, he spent it on foodstuffs. There was no way to pay me back unless he faced his parents, which was the very last thing he wanted. At least he kept my wallet (maybe he thought he could sell the IC to some illegals).

I believe about as much as a bullsh**. If my dad had allowed he to get him face to face, I'll make him piss flood in his dirty blue jeans. But what's gone is gone and I take my money loss as a minor penance for my carelessness. He couldn't pay me back and he really, really didn't want his parents to find out.

I got my wallet and all the important cards and that's works for me.

I got back to Kt. D'sara police station and withdrew the police report charge. SargeH wasn't there (his day off it seemed) so I was given a re-check by two nice uniformed ladies. They ask me why I withdrew and I told them about the kid and how old he was and that he went to the nearby secondary school. Naturally, both of asked why I didn't demand a refund and I just said that I forgive the kid.

Case closed. So that’s it, drama ends. Part of me felt a bit down actually. I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to being able to have the chance to commit one of Internet’s best kind of evil sin... ripping somebody’s reputation apart.

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