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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Images: Identity Spirits in Their Elements

I loved the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman.

I didn’t like the movie though, but neither book nor overly hyped movie is the subject matter for this entry. It’s one of the themes used in the fantasy story; daemon. Or as I liked to call ‘em, identity spirits.

In the stories, Pullman extrapolates with the concept of an animalistic partner to the living world.

I liked the idea, I mean not as specific as to the author had written. I tend to get technical on my fantasy writings, right down to the origins of the energies supposedly used in casting.

I think daemons are energy entities that live alongside us, yes, even in the real world. They don’t have a biological structure or rather, they have a structure different to our own, but with the exception that they can manipulate their living state.

Meaning that as a human, I can’t make myself grow an extra finger in my hand at one minute and then lose it in the next minute (though at the slow pace of my typing, an extra finger might help immensely).

But spirits can.

For this week, I present a collection of really awesome spirit pictures by very talented artists.

Frost Spirit by Silvestris

I liked this one a lot for it’s very wintry feel. I imagine that many spirits with the energies of motion and alchemy gained power in the winter. In the deep and darkest of December, some would manifest into a visible form.

On another outlook, this stag kind of reminds me of an icy Patronus of the Harry Potter series. Hahaha, the artist’s Deviant Art had many, many more beautiful pictures like this, duly recommend you visit the site.

Wind Spirit by Blueley

Also another Deviant Art artist. This one holds a gallery of female models in fantasy settings. I liked this art because of its amazing detailing and symmetric contrasts of colours.

Angel of Mine by DrayokStar

By any standard, the artist’s art and his site is nothing amazing (kind of a small gallery). But this one I like it a lot because I had this idea once of a young girl trapped inside a deep catacomb.

She was rescued when her own reflection in the magical pool became a living entity. In return for being lead out of the deeps, the spirit becomes a part of her identity... with a price.

Spirit Rising by Christophe Vacher

Occasionally a Disney animator, Vacher is, was, and had always been one of my favourite artists. I fell in love with his piece called ‘The Gate’ and now I check regularly to his website for inspiration for ideas in goddess characters or concepts.

Check out his website; you might recognize his graceful hand in the art directing of Disney’s Enchanted movie.

The Ten-Minutes-Long Sexual Orgasm

If you think this is a duurrtiee post, you can put that vibrator back in the pocket. This ain’t my sex story (no practical experience whatsoever) but a serious discussion concerning something I found while link-hopping around Wikipedia the other day.

It’s all about the different physiological responses that differ in men and in women.

In Men, it’s "...The process takes from three to ten seconds, and is generally considered to be highly pleasurable... a refractory period usually occurs, during which a man cannot achieve another orgasm. This can last anywhere from less than a minute to several hours, depending on age and other individual factors."
But in Women, it’s "A typical woman's orgasm lasts much longer than that of a man... typically within ten minutes."

Source: Wikipedia Article.

So the reality faced is that in the middle of an instinctive procreation process, us girls will still be high and dry and needy after the men shoots their rockets. Between the two, there’s at least a 9-minute static phase of no activity on the male yet still throbbing contractions on the female.

Now what?

This system in the evolutionary choice of ‘plug-n-socket’ approach imposed on the longer lasting But-I’m-not-done-yet! woman is supposedly to stimulate the male half’s activity into becoming even more... ‘milked’.

Please take note that, in contrast of my brutally honest self, I’m employing euphemisms as a polite and professional alternative to simply saying ‘men and women don’t f**k together’.

Apparently, both men and women experience a stage called a refractory period of which both side experience a sense of hypersensitivity. Kind of the body saying ‘okay, let’s take a break and check the stats’.

The unfortunate fact is stated that medically, guys get them refractory stage a slower recovery process as in the body’s need to replenish the sperm supply.

That why they sleep like lights-out after playtime.


Actually, I think all men wants any reason to sleep immediately after sex. And here the girl is still hanging high. No wonder she wants to talk. So much emphasis was on the foreplay that we forgot the afterplay.

Yes, there is such thing as an afterplay. Even non-practitioners know that there’s more to sex than just kiss-kiss-poke-poke-wiggle-wiggle. Since I know you fellas like pictures so much, I’ve found the art of AuroraCarina_chan of Devian Art to properly explain the afterplay.

Afterplay Guide For Men

Afterplay Guide For Women

Notice that there’s no gripping or squeezing or nail-digging involved. Most of the stimulation in the afterplay is mild and gentle, sort of like an open palm massage. The process to a longer orgasm follows by relaxing the body back into the natural state while still in climax and connected in the nether regions.

This way, both parties can extend the normal climax to a longer, more pleasurable phase. The tricky part I suppose is more stamina on the male and more exercise on the female. In short, f**k each other to grinding hard, then hold the ejaculation to a slow-slow-sloooooow... boat-rock.

Proceed with afterplay to relaxation.

After all, next to the longer playtime, the benefit in this is that as long it’s done right, we girls should be too tired to want to do any talking and would rather fall asleep.

More Weirdness from that Photo Folder

I’m feeling so freaking drained. A couple hundred of blog-hops ago, Raising Mercury complimented me on my consistently reliable posting habits. TQVM, but she woo-hoo’d me at a brick-wall time.

So what do I do? Here’s a trick.

I get most of my ideas while being outside the PC region. Tiny little idea pop into my head and I file them for storage into a little mental hat-box. Whenever I get a slow day, I pick up a random idea and work from there.

On this fine Saturday, I present to you readers some completely absurd pictures (because I don’t want to write too long... sort of).

Arachnophobias beware!

I didn’t take this picture. Courtesy of my lil’ brother Genius, he takes his class trips all around the UniMalaya campus. This picture is of a friend’s artistic, simplistic (still creepy!) waste of excess plastic ties.

I kind of liked it. Maybe if I have some black marker pen, some shiny black plastic and some white thread and patiently wait for April 1st ... *hehehe*

Real locally sprouted mushrooms.

Check it out! Real wild mushrooms!

Ayah was on a hardware-store trip (again...) when he spotted a senior with an open car booth selling freshly picked wild mushrooms. You don’t see stuff like these in supermarkets (always too fat, too short, to uniformed, too clean, too un-fresh...).

But then again, those are them SUPER-marketed, overly concentrated imported mushrooms.

Malay Mushroom Soup

My dad grew up with these species of mushrooms back at the kampung. His hometown was known as a ‘black area’ (during the 1960s Emergency, communists against the formation of Malaysia hide in Perak state’s jungles). Food was scarce.

But there were plenty of mushrooms. They sprout like durians fruits falling, bloomed 2 or 3 times a year, sheltered in some rotten, nutritious, worm-infested hardwood tree stumps.

Apparently, arwah NekWan made real good but simple clear soup with chopped mushrooms and spices. Mak is still trying to recreate the recipe though, but this one’s not bad at all (yum!). Must be all that earthly, rotting freshness.

Can you believe these at growing in the garden?

Mak cooks, Ayah gardens. You can take the farmboy out of the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the former farmboy.

I have completely no idea where he gets these raspberries but they grow, really, really well. In fact, there’s a small harvest every 3 or so months. We have a bowl of sweet yogurt to share at dessert by then.

This is my youngest uncle and his daughter.

I won’t say their names, mainly because I don’t think my uncle would want his subordinates to know that he snores like a bullhorn. And so does his youngest daughter (actually, her nose whistles when she naps).

These two almost always fall asleep on the couches during the major holidays. PakYong’s job includes a lot of traveling so if we feed him a meal big enough during the Raya Aidilfitri, he snores in less than 30 minutes.

I think my little cousin misses him the most when PakYong travels. This photo is a very regular scene.

I iz Protezin’ Ur Feesh Pond Konstruktion

I was inspired by the blogsite, ICanHasCheezBurger, playing around with cats and their antics. This is the big and beautiful half-Persian with the unfortunate name of Dusty (I named him).

Ever since we moved to Kt. D’sara, he took over the title of ‘HouseCat’ from my older cat, Patchy. We were fixing up the garden, building our own koi fish pond when this fat ball of hidden claw refuse to get up from the cement barrow.

In retrospect, maybe if we just dump the quick-drying cement on him, he’ll probably make a great garden statue for the birds.


Hahaha, not really. But as mentioned, two things come after a rainstorm; mushrooms in the kampung and umbrellas in Kuala Lumpur. This is taken at the main library of UniMalay campus, courtesy of yours truly’s lil brother. It must have been some real wet weather that day.

My jaw froze in the cold Genting Highland wind.

Credits to this blog entry goes to Genius Not-Real-Name. This was on a trip to Genting Highlands... last year me thinks. I was the one who wanted to ride the boat around the lake ride but it seems that he here had the most fun anyway.

I’m putting this picture up because it’s not often he’s in photos, seeing that he prefers taking them. Now I see why. The good little brother just can’t pose.

Note2self: Add MySis’s embarrassing photos into the Hat-Box of Ideas for future blog entries.

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