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Monday, January 28, 2008

Images: Pimp My Snail and Devil-Flytrap

Wow, this week has been hectic with the capital H-E-K-T-I-K. And I still haven’t completed various things I have to do, much less wanted to do. Starting with my due date for chapter 01 for my thesis project. Dr. Visor is probably wondering what had happened to me. I fear opening my school email account for this fact.

The other note haven’t finished is the story for January’s Journey. I can’t do my thesis report and stop thinking about that work I wanted to do so I’m going to finish the story. Hopefully it’ll be up by today.

As voted by you - and me - (what? Can’t I vote for my own story pictures?), I got the next month’s picture running and I’m uploading it into By the time you read this, it’ll be in my file server but I won’t post it up yet until I got January’s Journey coming.

Instead, I’ve decided to post these two images as pics of the weeks, including the one I missed last weekend. This are for the more playful aspects of myself, rather than have any connecting with my life’s book series project. I thought you might get bored of landscapes and handsome characters.

A snail with a pimped-up ride by Vasily Bodnar. Probably with free cable TV and hot water shower, this snail is obviously showing off his country-style new digs to his fellow slow-mates. See carefully and try to spot how many other snails are there.

Of course, this piece of escargot is going to need to upgrade to an army tank if he every got close of one of these veggies.

A monster plant by Alberto Lozano. He wrote in CGSociety that he imagined this devil-flytrap was a product of a crazy lad student, most probably trying to play Little Shop of Horrors. The art drawn here is an excellent monster worthy of any 2B pencil. Oh yeah, and the Lozano’s not a bad artist himself either. I really liked the plant’s canines (scary monsters don’t have placque!).

These two pictures I’d liked a lot for their quirky humour and their visual design and colouration. They make my smile easier to come by as I’m working on my deadlines. Enjoy them!

5 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

I like the first picture. It's very interesting and the way the house was drawn to replace its shell.


kyels said...

By the way, do you have either an account in FB or Friendster? Perhaps I can add you there.


Quickening said...

Haha, I think it more as a renovations gone wild. Bug's Life got nothing on this guy. I liked the blurry, out-of-focus eye-tentacles of his snail friends.

Nah, sorry, no Friendster or FB :(. Maybe I'll start one later in the month (Alamak, busy!!!).

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just added up even more different emo backgrounds for my blog

Anonymous said...
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