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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two Skyports in Two Different Regions

In making my last two entries, I realized that I didn’t add an image for last week’s Saturday. So for this week, I’m adding two images but I kind of stupidly mindset that way. Both are of the same theme, a skyport in two completely different Regions.

Both of the images are from, from two different artists and thus, belong to them.


I thought this time I’m making something more sci-fi. Kind of remind you of the opening of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with all that snow and earth-embedded buildings. What I liked best about this image is how the cloudy sunlight plays on the snow and the buildings’ gray exterior.

I relate this image to what I’ve envision a very cold and rocky Region in my Imaginary World Ideas. Just as in December’s Dream, Ireulun remembers a Region which homes are made with tree vines, there is a Region in the same world that is covered in ice and snow all year long.

Just as countries make up a continent, this nation in this Region possessed high-tech equipment and advancements in technology, a culture of their people, descendents of refugees from a metallic magic Region.


This one has a beginner’s artist feel to it but there’s a lot of attention to detail placed in it. I liked how the colours build the harmony of the subject matter. I didn’t like the shape of the castle (it looked kind of boxy) but the fine details of the balloon-ship (the crests, the canvas fabric) on the right were very nice.

In the world of the game project I’m making, this image represents one of the hundreds of rural military bases around one Region which derives its magic from the natural forces of water. The countryside is a quiet and idyllic and the military mainly uses this base as a training ground for young pilots.

And just in the background of the latter image are the hard and icy mountains of the former image.

These two different skyports in two different elements represents two different nations on the borderline between two different Regions. Yet they both represent the same need; to build a safe port for people to transact their traveling mode from the land to the air.

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kyels said...

Actually, are you studying Graphics or IT ... I think I've asked you this before but I forgot in which post. Exams make my mind wonky!

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