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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Image: Blackbird by Shilin (Online Manga)

I have updated my link list to include this really great piece of original artwork. Thank you, o Great Deviant Art!

Damn me if I don’t sound like a teenage Japanese fangirl (*slap self* Must stay focused...)


Every week, I browse around for a piece of artwork from various artists because it’s been a habit of mine since I’ve learnt I could change my desktop background. I go through a new desktop image on the average of 3 times a week, until I decided to leave my desktop blank and just imagine what my next background might be.

But this artist I discovered two weeks ago has too many great art to become my desktop image. So I might as well give the fella free promoting and post it right in this here blog.

This is the poster for Blackbird, if ever she decides to publish her manga that it. It was originally intended as the cover for Book 2 but she supposed dual-purpose artwork goes well with anything.

The story so far revolves around a magic caster named Veloce Visrin and her quest to find the purpose of her existence. You see, sometime ago, the government of most of the nations in the region had banned explicitly all uses of magic, after the brutal slaying of one of the royal family.

However, Veloce was spared, as a pawn of her king, an open secret and possibly the last of her kind. But then came an avalanche of events triggered by the infamous assassin, Blackbird. Veloce could no longer stay hidden in the town that hated her and so she leaves...

This fast-paced gritty manga is still in its infancy but it’s just too damn cool. Her art design reminded me of CLAMP and her storyline feels like something Type Moon might have produced. Blackbird is an online manga, free-to-read.

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