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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Image: Angels and a Whole New Slideshow

I don’t usually have a fascination for angels. Yeah, they are part of the Fantasy genre I’m so enamoured about but the anatomical inconsistency of enabling flight and propulsion of having dual bird-like wings ...

I’m just plain rambling, aren’t I?

Angels. Messenger of the divine, tools of miracles, protector of innocents, harbinger of doom, mediator between God and men. See, it’s the abundance of use, immortalization and iconic personas in association with the entity ‘angels’ that any personal bias towards my preference for them is sadly lacking.

They’re just damned overused.

When I want to write a tale, I usually use the most underappreciated themes like science, social doctrine and political turmoil. I don’t use a pegasi as a creature of flight; I use 60+ species of dragons in varying shapes and sizes. In one point, I plan to use eagles as well. There so much about the nature and existing system that splicing and attaching biological body parts to non-related creatures just seem bleh...

Yeeeeeeeaaaah, I can guess ya. The wings of angels are all in the mind and their flight to goodwill and heavens’ work is metaphorical but no less deeply impacted.

Just for that (and the fact that there’s just a good load of artists with damn pretty angels pictures) I’m going to post them here.

The Muse (Google Art)

Armoured Angel by silverlimit

Fallen Angel by kjfaust

Angel by chrono75

By the way, what do you call a lot of angels? A flock of angels? A march? A team? A parade?

I've also updated my Monthly Slideshow. As you know that I'll never place personal pictures of myself or individual family members so I instead present a slideshow of my favourite images that I've collected as I surf online. Check the Slideshow tab for the new one this month (15 images intotal, some you may have seen before).

4 Minds bloomed here too...:

KaV said...

sumhow i am greatly attracted to dark angels... the shroud of mystery they posses makes me guessing what is it that they actually do: help people, do evil things or help ppl in an evil way...

Quickening said...

@Kav: ... or maybe dark angels are reluctant heroes. If angels have the free will as God gave humans, betcha they all would rather follow Underworld-Guy in fallen angels rebellion of the Great-Downstairs. But in truth, they got to do the job not because they want to but because its the right thing to do.

There's a sense of unsung heroes in there... ;)

Allie said...

A "host" of angels. I think. Or a "choir" of angels. But as far as I know, "host" sounds more likely.

Nice entry. And yea, I like angels too, but now I'm more fascinated with wings~ XD

Anonymous said...

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