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Monday, March 10, 2008

Images: Recap on the March’s Magic... with Banana Milkshakes

I was in a busy frenzy that last Saturday.

Well, actually, no I wasn’t.

It was just that it’s an empty-empty hours that there was nothing to do but make homework and banana milkshakes.

Mm-mmm... creamy milkshakes...

Okay, enough photo-whoring. Sadly to say that due to the lack of online connections, I am stuck with my old basket of picture goodies instead of something really nice and new for you to drool over (budget student, maaah...).

So this week’s (belated) images is a tribute to the very beautiful painting-like picture by Joey B of DeviantArt.Com.

Though I had stated in last weekend’s image that I don’t much have any particularity for angels, I do have a certain obsessive-ness for birds. Winged predators, descendants of dinosaurs.

In fantasy, what’s the greatest bird creature than the phoenix?

Copyright Joey B

Every month I have a poll on the blog’s sidebar. I write better if I have something I could visualize with and thus, I look around for something really nice. Under Characters, I chose this pretty phoenix image.

I wanted to find an image that had some painting-like quality, instead of the clear-cut precision of the more popular pictures. Joey B calls it an ‘ice phoenix’ and I agree... though what I will write about it in my monthly fiction would be my own story.

The funny thing is that my monthly fiction didn’t have a clearly defined structure. My one main character, Ireulun, has a history, a family and a purpose in her journeys but who she was in connection to the readers is something I’ve yet to convey.

How long had she been travelling? How old was she? Even her last name is still kind of blurry. I decided when I write of her, it’ll be more towards the environment of the story, the concept I had about the picture I found and selected for the month, rather than a clue to her mysterious identity.

Maybe someday I’ll figure out who I can make her to be.

... I'll think about that as soon as I finish this milkshake.

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