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Monday, March 3, 2008

Invaded by Chicken Tartlets!

Do you guys watch Astro’s AFC (Asian Food Channel)? My mom does. My mom and all her 5 sisters as well. Not to mention her Al-Quran reading class and her SPPUM club as well. There’s always some kind of verbal cook-off between them every time there’s a kenduri or an open house or... well, senior housewives after all.

Mak’s favourite area of makes-family-fat expertise are pies and tarts. In fact, anything that can be dumped onto a bread/pastry/carbohydrate-swollen base and baked in the microwave is what Mak loves to do.

Something they work and sometimes they don’t *cough*seafood quiche*cough*.

But her chicken tartlets definitely works.

What I woke up to breakfast this morning.

I guess it had something to do with watching that show a few details about making pies, like egg wash instead of butter to coat the pans. So the night before, Mak made some creamy white sauce and fried some chicken mince meat with mixed veggies and then mixed them together to become the pie filling.

Hey, these look great!

Too bad MySis wasn’t around to learn the pie-making, now that AbangHuzir is back from overseas and their family is at their home (my sister needs to be around people, in case her pregnancy get complicated). She would have swiped them to oblivion (me and MySis are like evil witches. Between us, pies disappear like magic! *hehehe!*).

Creamy insides.

The filling consists of minced chicken, mixed veggies, white sauce, tiny cubed potatoes and chopped mushrooms.

Mak really goes free with the white sauce this time. When eaten hot, it’s like biting into a pastry cupcake of thick chicken and mushroom soup. I hope she remembers to re-heat it before she serves them to her reading class but it’s nice when eaten cold as well. Kind of like a picnic food.

Speaking of picnics, I hope Mak doesn’t mind me sneaking a couple of these for my lunch! *hehehe!*

Aiyo, better remember not to open my bag during class. Their nicely-baked smell is kind of strong.

6 Minds bloomed here too...:

KaV said...


im sitting here in the cold office and u just made my stomach grumble and rumble...

YozoraNiteSky said...

darling quickening.. do you think you can get me your mak's lovely chicken pie recipe?? wah.. see already cravings for chicken pie in full bloom :D...YUUUUMMMMYY!!!

Quickening said...

@Kav: And how was your lunch? Hahaha, this is payback to all them bloggers and their foodie photos! *chomp-chomp-chomp*

@Yorz: Hello Blogger-with-Foodie-Photos! Wait, let me eat first. Can't type keyboard with mouth (hands) full. Aaaaah...

Hey sure! I'll go ask Mak and I'll have to write it down. It's a bit complex as after you make the pie filling, you have cool it immediately in the fridge so that it won't dry.

I'll post the whole recipe by tomorrow, tops! :D

kyels said...

That's one of my favorite channels! Whenever I watch AFC I feel extremely hungry. Mwehehe.


Raising Mercury said...

oh crap.. pastries.. you really know how to tempt a dieting gurl! come to think of it, after i grad, i might (with your permission) raid your kitchen and beg your mama to teach me her skills! hahah, cooking classes! i definitely need those..

also, i zipper bag my lunches too!

Quickening said...

@kyels: I try not to watch AFC channel too much though. I gain kg even by just watching chefs cook!


@RM: Raid my house all you want, in fact the sooner the better! That way, you can keep my mom out of my hair. And her 'experimental cuisine' out of my mouth!

PS: To my lil' brother, if you're reading this, plez-plez don't tell maaaaaaak... (gulp!)

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