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Friday, March 28, 2008

Photos: I Eat Five Major Food Groups

Regular readers know that my folks took a trip to the far away land of sand, anti-USA and “there are no gays” (as quoted by the government’s Top G-Man). Regular readers would also know that my female parental unit is also the sous chef in the house kitchen.

I had a chat the other day with Kavilan on MSN chat. He’s going through a vegetarian period at the moment and how there’s no really nice veggie restaurant that can trumps what his mom can make.

Like him, I pretty much eat whatever Mak cooks. Almost.

Yes, I miss her cooking (more so when I read YozoraNiteSky's new blog). Even more so as I sure use some good hot food while doing the study cramps. My busy-ness notwithstanding, I’m only allocated a small currency for the 2 weeks they went MIA (not including petrol money).

Nonetheless, I made sure I’ve been eating all five major food groups.
Canned, frozen, instant, delivery and take-out.

Mee goreng’s a failure. There was too much of it, seasoning’s all wrong and I think it was a bit under cooked. Then again, I used Mamee instead of the old favourite Maggi. Like this also, can-ah? ... maybe not.

Frozen. I thought of experimenting something like a veggie soup by using steamed mixed veggies. Call me crazy but I thought it might work.

Experiment failed. I ate two mugs of orange mush. It was a hot meal and that was good enough for me during those rainy days. Maybe I needed to add more olive oil and veggie stock?

Okay, so I don’t always cook badly. I’m really good with eggs. Omelette, mata kerbau, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, you name it. Made myself some meat and toast.

Aaaah, Campbell’s chicken and mushroom soup. I thought to make it more filling by chopping some whole mushrooms, also caaaaaaanned (pun intended).

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle. I swear it was like jelly when it so neatly slid out of the tin can. Imagine that if it gets into some guy’s gut, it still wiggles and jiggles.

Ooooo, sunk like quicksand. I think I’ll use the excess mushrooms from the can to make some grilled cheese-and-mushroom burger (update on that later).

To be more realistic, most of what I had were just instant coffee. It’s quick and uplifting. Okay so in the long-term we all still need to eat. I still got some of that really bad mee goreng I couldn’t stomach.

Ooooo, hello there? It’s the neighbour’s cat.

Hey sweetie. You want a snack?

Haha, so I’ve only been eating 3 of the 5 food groups. Only yesterday I spend some money on a large Burger King set (damn you 2heroes and simonso!) and some of their cheesy sticks. Right, I’ve done take out. I’ve still yet to get something under ‘delivery’.

Oh gee, let me think...

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Andrew Ooi said...

You ate all that in one sitting?

vortrack said...

That blended thingy, makes me wanna........

kyels said...

Orange mush; besides orange what did you put in it? Haha!

You're really creative ... Nyehehe!


Quickening said...

@andrew ooi: Noooooo... at least, I think I didn't (it was a long, looooooog hard day...)

@vortrack: Evem I'm rendered speechless (I was too busy gagging on my own cooking).

@kyels: No oranges, it's just pure mized veggies that looks like oranges. Dumped anything frozen from the fridge and mash it into baby food.

Hehehe, incidently, the neighbour's cat liked the veggie mush.

KaV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KaV said...

must... eat... good... food...

stomach... grumbling...

no... more... soya-based products...

shoot... me... now...!

sigh... i cant even eat eggs so that rules out omelettes... there's a can of Campbell's soup lying around, though it's chicken and mushroom soup, so that's off limits too...

日月神教-任我行 said...


仔仔 said...


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