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Monday, April 21, 2008

Blog Rants: I AWOL’d Myself!

Hey all! I’m soooo hating myself for leaving you in the dark about my life. Not that I actually have anything interesting working on at the moment (if you call exams as interesting, I’ll give sex if you can get me A+ guarantees, promise!).

It’s been a close shave but I got my homework done in time and time will tell how screwed I got myself into. Bah, see? Self-induced reverse psychology. And I don’t even have a license to treat myself. I wonder whom I can sue?

*cough* *cough*

Passing over my imaginary selfs (selves? selfes? Damn English grammar), I give you some Post-It-Notes versions of my usually long-winded entries. I thought you guys might like a change of pace from the older entries of a bajillion-words per post, not that I would make this post any shorter.

Me has baaaaaaaad habit, torturing you all to read my rants. On really ranty days, Guantanamo Bay prison sends me royalty money. My blog is apparently more torturously boring than Colin Powell’s WMD report on Iraq but not yet reached the painful level of looping repeated inquiries of ‘Are we there yet?’ in whiny child’s voice.

I wonder if Malaysian prisons will accept ‘Dah sampai tak?’ loops of me in my whiny kiddie voice?

Note01: My exams are on the 25th, 27th, and 30th of this month. Please don’t come in here looking for me unless you want to click my Nuffnang ads or something. I’m taking VR, Multimedia and E-docs. Next semester, I’m taking Project Paper 02 Part 02 (4 credit hours only) even though its not recommended for short semester. That way, I’ll be able to take Industrial Training for the August semester without any other subjects.

Note02: Here’s an embarrassing thingy which I thought (believed, hoped, for-freaking-sake-I’m-already-mid-twenties!) I outgrew since Fushigi Yuugi aired on AXN channel; I’m in a fan-girlling phase once again.

Damn. Quick, skip everything if you don’t understand or too wise and mature to stand utter nonsense.

Well, I’m not going to hide it (since my very first promise to having a blog is that I shall be brutally honest) but I’ve become a shojo (fangirl) to a set of fictional Japanese anime guys ( bishies galore!). The first time this happened was with Flame of Recca series, then Fushigi Yuugi guys and now it’s the recently showcased on Astro’s Animax, La Corda D’oro: Primo Passo.


I’m not going to Wikipedia-copy the story of the manga since the info is practically everywhere, but I will say that it’s based on a PS2 game named Kin’iro no Corda and there’s a second game and a second game extra already out.

The most recent updates on La Corda D’oro is that a Season 2 for the series is still hanging, the manga is still running but it’s getting very close to the end of the first game’s plot (the two new characters of the second game had been given sneak peeks on the manga) and that I’ve being going back and forth between a fan’s game journal and a big fansite’s forum just for any new illegal scanlations I could grab my hands on.

It took many, many, freaking-hell many manga chapters before my two favourite guys, insultingly cool Tsukimori and sensitive jock Tsuchiura, to get from this dog-in-the-manger state...

To this state. No matter the constant rivalry, they can’t disagree on classical music. Alas, finally! Ryo the Piano-Guy and Len the Violin-Man actually performing together. My bishie dream comes true. My fan-girlism ought to die happy now.

Note03: My cousin, who I shall refer to as Cammie, is getting married. She’s like 2 years younger than me AND she’s ahead of her two elder siblings. And ahead of a whole host of other cousins as well. She’s been studying in England for sometime now and Mr. Prospective Groom is studying there as well.

The guy’s family is going to meet Cammie’s family (my Aunt Sidah) in the family home Seremban this Sunday. I, on the other hand, ill have exams (yes, exams on Sunday, *bite me*) and Alhamdulillah I thank God I won’t be in Seremban with my mom.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my maternal aunts. But there’s a cackle of them and I mean a cackle because once you put the Jailani sisters under one roof, it won’t stop until every bit of your sanity had been dissected and your life’s business under microscope inspection. Being female myself, young single female, what’s more, I can’t avoid aunts like male cousins can so really I’m grateful to the Big Man above if He had a hand in this.

Nothing against marriage per se, but I’ve already planned singlehood for life based on this simple equation.

Good: Finding sincere partner.
Bad: Finding no partner.
Ugly: Finding partner with his pants down during best friend’s ‘happy time’.

If there’s any advantage other than the meager 1/3 chance of soulmate success, I rather stick to marrying a career.

Note04: As I’m writing this, today, I’m going to go for a short training meet for this part-time job I’ve volunteered. I need the money and it doesn’t seem to be very difficult. My school is going to join up to this bazaar coming up for International Red Crescent/Cross Day.

I had joined secondary school Red Crescent so as long I don’t have to drill march around in a muddy school field in white pants, I’m cool. It’s not a quick buck scheme but it’ll get me out of the house and onto Tasik Titiwangsa on 8th to 11th of May and maybe a pinch or two to blog about during the school holidays.

Heh, pretty much, that’s the end of the notes. Speaking of blogging, I don’t think I’m going to post anything for the rest of the week. Even my weekend images are on hold. My brain hurt when I think too much and for now, it’s too cluttered with course notes.

Also, I’m getting tired too easily now. Mak says I’m not eating well enough. To the truth, she’s right. I’m been saving my lunch money in RM10s so I can keep them for a penny-wise-pound-foolish deal I might find in Ikano, the Curve or even OneUtama shopping malls.

It’s also a great way (but bad system) to loose weight. Sheesh, my Kelana Jaya cousin (one of only 3 family relations who I dared to reveal the contents of this blog) says I’m not fat.

Hahaha, very funny, Awin!

Just hang on to my Feedburner will ya? Thanks! Read you all next Monday or so. So sorry for being AWOL’d!

27 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

All the best in your exams! I've exams next week too ... The final finals!


KaV said...

all the best!!!

take lots of food, get lots of sleep, and go write that exam....

best of luck!

Raising Mercury said...

name me one girl who doesnt think she's fat =) almost impossible, and the one who think she isnt fat, is probably in denial =) good luck with finals hunny.. mine is coming up soon and i havent even quite started... i am sooo screwed! take care.. and dont worry, ranting is healthy =) because there are people around to read! hugs

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your exams!

Kinggame said...

Good luck during finals. You're a funny girl.

Anonymous said...

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