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Monday, April 14, 2008

Photos: Inner Voices on Out-of-Blog Living

: Aaaaacccckkkk!!!
: Now what?
: I’ve missed blogging here. *sob!*
: So? Why the screaming? Unless a nuclear virus had struck Blogspot, the blog’s not going anywhere.
: Yeah, but what is a blog is not to capture living experience in words for all to share?
: Don’t go poetry on me, Horny-Head. I’m trying to keep real life focused in my head and you’re crowding with junk.
: Alas! Poor Quickening! I knew her, Baddie. A girl of infinite jest and excellent drama-cy.
: Drama-cy? English bard, you are not.
: You rather go Yoda?
: If I could write my assignment reports in Star Wars’ Jar Jar Binks, I’ll be done in 15 minutes.
: Oooo, meesa writes bad fishy Jedi speak!
: Oh, go screw a fish.
: Speak for yourself. Oh wait, you ARE me. Bad mood today, aren’t I?
: Effect is the cause of bad Jedi speak and feeling so very, very tired from doing homework.
: You still got assignments E-doc and Java programming. Bummer.
: Yeah and I’ll need to see an Academic Advisor soon.
: How come?
: Well, since I’ve finished that thesis report last Wednesday, I want to do Part 02 next semester.
: Next semester is the short semester. Think you can do it, all that graphic and courseware design?
: As long as it’s the only subject I’ll be taking (4 credit hours), I know I can manage.
: But that subject is not recommended for short semester.
: Hence, looking for the Academic Advisor. Then the Supervisor and the Project Moderator.
: You’re trying to finish everything this year, right?
: I want to take my convocation in 2009, no longer than that. Besides, I don’t have any more subjects to take. What else can I do in the empty weeks of the short semester?
: Cuti-cuti Malaysia?
: *WHAM!*

Alamak, flat tyre!

No really, Ayah, I can do it myself-ler...

: Okay, aside from metaphorically hitting yourself, what’s with the photo?
: I was bored.
: So you took pictures of your dad changing your car’s flat tyre?
: I like work. It fascinates me. I could watch it all day.
: Ayah changing the Proton tyre is hardly Broadway exhibition.
: Who cares? I had wanted to do it myself but Ayah loves the car more than me so he was afraid I might hurt it.
: Once a car salesman, always a car salesman.
: Amen.

Was at the school’s balcony. They’re having a 10th year anniversary festival.

Guess who came to play the guest of honour.

Gee, the Jalur Gemilang blue jumpsuit must have been a clue.

: Don’t you think it’s odd that you seem to be the only student who enjoys sitting alone under the hot sun at the top of the school’s balcony?
: Call it what you will. Preferred isolation, peaceful viewing, catching cooling natural wind, extra vitamin D after all that PC sitting hours,-
: Influenced by Japanese anime schoolgirls?
: That’s a matter of opinion.
: Can’t hide the truth from me, sweetie. Passing over your love of solitary moments, what’s with the white tents on the school’s car parks?
: Why are you asking all these questions?
: I’m playing dumb funny so I can be serious genius when I need to do homework.
: Dumb, yes. Funny? Questionable.
: Haha, hoho. Oh, my ribs. Stop before you make me puke.
: School was having a 10th anniversary day and Dr. Sheik Mohd Shukor was the guest of honour.
: The Malaysian astronaut? You had a major, major crush on him once.
: Did not!
: Did too.
: No, you’re imagining things. He’s too much a celebrity than what’s good for him.
: You had his smiling picture as your desktop wallpaper for all the months he was in Russia.
: Well, that was long over. He’s getting redundant. Time will tell if he made any real progress to any local astronaut training in the future.
: Is that why you braved the crowds to snap pictures of his boyish good looks? And you don’t even like large crowds.
: ...

Patchy sleeps. Empty suitcases have this nice hammock thing he likes.

Original Turkish salami. Should be enough to last two months.

The most beautiful souvenir of all. And damn heavy.

: All the stuff had been unpacked, huh?
: Yeah. Mak and Ayah are doing the neighbourhood rounds, giving off presents to their old friends.
: Because said old friends gave them presents in their gallivanting trips.
: Impress to be impressed, that’s their freaky motto.
: Heh. And I can’t complaint.
: Yeah, check out the new ceiling fixture.
: Pure crystal?
: Pure crystal. This thing would have cost about RM 2000+ in the local chandelier shops.
: But they got it at RM600 in Iran.
: Yeah, and it wasn’t too difficult to put it up too.
: And it’s no small pretty balls hanging there. That thing took up an entire suitcase.
: Yeah, Mak had to buy a new Iranian suitcase to carry new Iranian chandelier.
: There was an even bigger one that Ayah wanted.
: He’ll probably chase after it in his next Middle East field trip.
: Oh yeah, there was a minor security scare at KLIA, wasn’t it?
: Yeah. X-ray machine scans their bags to see big round balls.
: Crystal show up as solids in the x-ray. Made the guards think of grenades.
: Well, they were coming in from Iran, of all places.
: Hehehe.
: But hey! Gave Ayah a reason to show off the chandeliers to the airport security.
: Hope we have enough wall lights to accommodate any more.
: Still, it IS very pretty. And you won’t see them in any other house for miles.
: Oh.
: What’s wish the ‘oh’? You sound dispirited all of a sudden.
: That means neighbors wants to come over and see the fixture right?
: Duh.
: Crap, more crowds.

2 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

That's really cheap for a chandelier. But it's pretty.


Quickening said...

@kyels: Hey, don't dis the interior lighting! :D
It's actually nice, and so easy to install, no need to pay extra for installation! :)

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