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Friday, December 21, 2007

An Empty, Open Future Lies Before Me...

Pretty much, I feel like the whipped guy in this GIF pic. Made this one ages and ages ago for a map contest in forums, mainly because I had just completed a pixel art character marathon of making all nine characters a ‘whipped’ look.

Though, only this blue female character will have a Pink Feather Duster of Whipping. Consider it as Special Combative Weaponry for Girls against Guys-With-Stupid-Questions. Works with game animated guys too.

Back to Me, like I said; I’m feeling for the whipped guy. It’s not because my exams are on tomorrow (note to self, bring calculator) or that I’m suffering a stomach-ache from yesterday meat-feast (I think... potato salad. Mm-mmm...). And no I’m not taking my medicine anymore (ran out of antibiotics anyway).

It’s the lazy girl syndrome.

Haha, nothing serious to report. Because after this exams, I’m going to face a 3-and-a-half weeks of completely empty days. No more driving to school, no more traffic jams and no more over-heating radiator, no more Touch n’ Go card mishaps (I have the propensity to loose my card in even the safest situations, like the card falling out of my hand while I’m drinking Milo from a styrofoam cup).

It’s not that I have completely empty-empty-empty hours for the days ahead. I’m planning on spending most of it in front of my PC, working the kinks out of my game storyline and code programming, next to a process of pixel art-making.

Then maybe run out to the Curve and stay at the Borders bookstores for long, my parents started calling for police and public assistance for my rescue (they almost did once, since I’ve ran way from home before). I don’t have any more money to buy books, which is a bummer, but at least I can take time to spend more hours with my old friend, Astro’s Animax.

So I like anime. Sue me.

And let’s not forget the cyber cafes. I’m cutting it back though, since I won’t be using the school’s workstation. So when I do blog, I’ll probably post up to 3 or so entries between a period of 4 or 5 days of Shadow Pimpernel’s quietness. Just to warn you guys ahead of schedule.

Repetitions of those activities aside, I really do have empty days. I don’t know the state of my school grades so there’s no point worrying about whether if I could or I could not get that thesis paper v2.0 for next semester.

And there’s no point in whipping myself if I don’t score for that. But the faculty can’t say I didn’t apply for the course. The twist-in-this-tale is that they won’t allow students to send in their own proposals starting next year.

Which means, I can only choose projects as written by the lecturer. Damn. I’ve been working on my game project specifically for thesis paper v2.0 (I’m Multimedia Majored, by the way). On the off-side, I know the faculty’s MultimediaHead pretty okay so the best I can wait during this long holiday is try to convince her to use my development tool as ‘reliable’.

Yeah, right, since when did things ever get to go my way? If I do figure something out that could convince MultimediaHead, I just might whip myself with glee with the Pink Feather Duster of Whipping.

8 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

You want to sue me? I like anime too!


Anyway, all the best in your exams! Ace them babe!

Serge Norguard said...

wait.... who were you again ?

Quickening said...

@Kyel: Seduced by japfags? OMG, the Japs-Occupation had risen again!

@Dustyhawk: Hey Dustyhawk... My old nickname was Ophiuchus (Suvon-Reality). I haven't been around a lot but I still remember YOU very well (You were that guy who posted an entry about the Mysteries of Under a Scotsman Kilt... ewww...). XD

Serge Norguard said... its you. and that's the post you remembered about me ?

Quickening said...

@Dustyhawk: Unfortunately, yes. You... you ruined my eyesight for a week, you b**tard.

Oh no! The memories... the memories are flooding back (cue drama virgin here).

With that said, great to see you! :D

Serge Norguard said...

....of course im a bastard... you bee-yotch!

and great to see you to kiddo

kljs said...

Great, more Unlocking Pandora! Can't wait for the final product. ;)

Quickening said...

@Kenny: Heh, don't hold your breath (haha!). Internet Connection Hibernation start from here... XD

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