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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I’m bac-... wait a minute, no I’m not!

It’s not the end of the Hibernation, yet. I’m giving this blog a New Years’ Day Spring Cleaning.


There. Done!


Hey it’s not much when your blog’s only a month old. I got a new Image of the Month set-up, as voted by you guys. Both of you guys (you know who you are... switching workstation PCs here and there...).

This month’s January’s Journey continues the story of Ireulun, the traveling historian. As written in December’s Dream, Ireulun woke up from her dream in a forest prison and felt compelled to seek the actual forest. Why? Because she’s a student of history, that’s why.

Pieces of Ireulun’s own history will show up as the stories progress. I’m planning on putting her as the main character of Image of the Month’s stories, in the same plot-style as the anime series, Kino’s Journey or Cartoon Network’s Samurai Jack.

January’s Journey: Copyright Raphael Lacoste (

This has always been one of my most favorite pictures. In fact, Raphael Lacoste has always been one of my favourite 3D artists (he’s the same guy who did on visually stimulating works such as Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed).

So what is the connection between this image, a traveling historian and the fantasy theme ‘Journey’? Heh, just wait for it. I don’t upload the image story in a timely manner. Once I get a full, two-three-pages worth of an idea, I’ll post it here.

In the meantime, you can voice for the theme of next month’s image, February’s Flight.

Well, other than that, blog update for January 2008. The rest of the year’s going to be doozy, fuzzy, i-dunno-Idon’t-care kind of. I’m looking forward to my thesis project v2.0, I still haven’t made any new sprite edits and Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan’s People Party has been assassinated barely two weeks before Pakistan’s first truly democratic election in years (her 19-year-old Oxford student son will continue the bloody Bhutto dynasty, holy sh**).

Oh and I’ve made only one New Year’s Resolution this time.

“I will not make any New Year’s Resolution.”


There. Done!

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