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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

SP's January 2008 Photo Entry

I think I’ll make a photo entry as a regular feature, now that I have a Sony Ericsson and Imageshack at my disposal. It should give you an intimate view to the many aspect of my life and get to know more about the small random things about me and around me.

Actually, I’m just too lazy to write my regularly long-winded entries.

The barbecue set. A very old friend of the family, this thing had served more mouths than a school canteen’s stove and passed between family members more times than the number of reasons to actually have a barbecue.

Sandwiches. One of my Seven Shameful Sins. I don’t often buy sandwiches, but I make’em like Dagwood style. Plain bread, brown bread, toasted bread, garlic bread, cheese slices, cheese spread, swiss cheese, melted cheese, garlic butter, garlic mulch, green relish, salami, burger meat, mince meat, meatballs, beef bacon, barbecued chicken, shredded chicken or tuna (dry, grilled or mayo), boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, turkey ham, turkey strips, hot dog strips, corn chips, lettuce, chopped celery, chopped chili, cucumber (thick, thin and pickled), pickled jalapenos, tomatoes or onions (fresh or grilled or pickled), toasted mushroom, brown sauce, barbecue sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, mustard, 2-layered, 3-layered, open-faced, you-name-it-I-had-it.
Now I want to go to Uptown and eat Subway.

I. Have. Bad sense. Of direction. In more ways than one.
I’m more male-oriented mentality when it comes to driving to new places. I read maps, I don’t ask for directions. So if I’m lost, you better get a motorbike and locate me because telling directions to me on the cellphone guarantees gets me lost even more (I got lost in Hospital University as recent as lastweek).

I read a lot of fantasy books. These two of the Aleran series by Jim Butcher (excellent writer, see his Dresden Files series) are currently loaned to my cousin since he doesn’t need to buy fantasy books since I keep buying them. I just hope he remembers to give them back before he returns to study in India.

Photos of The Curve's New Year 2008 party. I saw them last year with my father and was pretty awed. I went to The Curve again this year with a couple of moon-lighting buddies.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Please, please, help! I still have a bee hive in my trash box and no idea how to get rid of it before it grows any bigger.

2 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

I think you should call the fire brigade for help. And I wanted to go to The Curve with my buddies but thought about the jam thereafter so we decided to skip it ... Dang!

Anyway, Happy New Year to you!

By the way, Subway rocks ... Mwahaha!

Quickening said...

Yeah, that's what my neighbour said... Until she saw the actual hive and told me to "... just poke a shove at it..."

Like that's easy to do. It's only about the size of a watermelon so far.

Secretly, I think my dad supports the bees. He'll already dreaming of free honey (that freak...).

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