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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Late for My Exam Results!

The first thing that came to my mind when I was sitting down at the school’s workstation was that it was an unusual amount of people.

I noticed it because I usually come straight to school right after the holidays so I’ll be in time to register for courses. Courses have a tendency to take no student reservations as we all know. If you’re late, you’ll have to register for next semester.

Usually around my school, people tend to be busy at the second week of school. Dragging their heels so to speak. Let’s face it; we’ll be dragging our heels when we start working so might as well do the heel-dragging laziness to correctness. Considering the performance of our government workers, maybe I’ll be a G-man too (hehehehe!).

Then it dawned to me as I checked-in online. I was late by a week.

For the f**k of...!!!

See what happens when you don’t have home-Internet? ‘F’ happens.

Luckily, lecturers also tend to drag their heels (which must be a pain on the women-lecturers in their pump shoes) so they mostly delayed first class to Week 2. Week 1 (which I missed) is the online registration session, so there’s no guarantee that there’ll be students in the classroom.

Aaah... educational enthusiasm...

Me? Not really much problem for me really. But what made me turn on my verbal expurgation was that I was a nervous wreck for the pass 24 hours. In addition to registering online also brings forth the exam results of August Semester 2007.

It’s the time of reckoning.

If you were a regular, you would remember my rants and curses over my thesis paper v1.0. What I probably didn’t mention was that I can’t register my major Multimedia courses without this paper. If I had failed it, I wouldn’t have anything to register since I’ve already done everything else.

Which would make January Semester 2008 a very, very empty semester, rendering an even bigger empty open future by sudden increase of free time. I wouldn’t be able to complete the last 20+ credit hours to graduation by end of this year.

Furthermore, if my parents realized that I suddenly have too much free time, they’ll check... they’ll know I’ve failed and would have to repeat again... they’ll know I’ve failed before...and then they’ll… they’ll... *gulp*

Put me into a religious class!

Okay, I might be over the top here. Religious class is more tedious than ego-threatening actually. As I’ve mentioned before in Kak Dilla’s New Home, I haven’t been diligent in reading the Al-Quran. Not to say I can’t read it, it’s just that I read it really, really badly.

Which in the eyes of the old-folks, it’s totally unacceptable since they’re going to die anytime soon and they’ll be questioned in the afterlife, under ‘Bad Parental Conscience’. Sheesh.

Luckily (again), I passed.

All subjects.

Just a ‘C’ in thesis paper v1.0 but...


Please ignore my ‘ack’-ness. Since I’m writing this blog entry from the convenience of my school’s workstation, I cannot scream too loudly due to the increasing number of other students in here.

So please excuse me while I scream in cyberspace.


I passed!


Major courses has been registered!


Signing in for thesis paper v2.0!


15 credits hours!

AAAAA-, oh crap...

3 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

Glad you passed the exams! Congratulations!


I'm still sitting for mine. Bah!

Anonymous said...

klakar lah blog awak ni,

greets, germany

Quickening said...

@kyels: Sweat, kyels... sweat really hard
Because it's better to work-sweat now and wish you good luck than risk a heart-attack prior to the 24-hours of your results coming-out, all your worries cramming in all 'what if you failed' cases.

@Anonymous-Germany: I try my damn hardest. You either cry hard or laugh hard in life. :D

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