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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gave The TwoSuperHeroes Their Own Award

Hahaha, really I liked the tagged blog awards. As it turns out from yesterday, the twosuperheroes had been passing a tag award of bloggy-ness to some folks who in their estimates.

Actually, which by standards of their estimates, I was at first, dunno either to be grateful or suspicious. Baaaaah, having a blog of only 3 months old and coming from an established twosome of infamous recognition, I suppose gratefulness should come first (I’ll be suspicious later).

Unfortunately, how am I to answer to such is totally no clue. With examples from the recent Oscar thank-you-thank-you-thank-all-of-you speeches. Just goes to show that I’m going through a bloggers’ block phase. You could probably tell as I’m blogging about this instead of usually diverse, purposeful and intelligent entries.

Okay, my posts are at least best two out of three.

These are the awards they so nicely had passed around to not only myself but to Yozoranitesky, L'abeille and X-T, Dreckker and their statistical rival Andrew Ooi.

I’ve been to all these fellas’ blogs and I’m glad to having another thing in common with them. Unfortunately, they are also some of the folks I would have had wanted to pass the awards too.

Aww, damn...

Well, time for another blog hunt. I’ve yet to fix up the other 8-Facts-About-Me Tag by ImamKhalid (shucks!). Hmm, looks like my bloggers’ block is slowly being... er, unblocked.

In the meantime, I’ve thought to placate them superheroes with a midget GIF picture and hopefully this will satisfy them until I find some real links.

A tinnie animated pic for their sidebar. Mine would had already been on display at the header ages ago (hahaha!).

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