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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Image: The Gates Beyond Time

Portal Gates.

Believe it, you can't swing a cat without hitting two fellas with their nametag that reads 'Gatekeeper' or 'Keymaster' or one each with both. I think the awe about gates is that they represent an entry larger than a window, an option, should they choose to accept, to cross over from one place in the universe into another.

As a fantasy-fag***, I was not immune. In fact, I upped the stakes on my vision on what portal gates are and should be. That's this week's amazing images, found in CGSociety website. I present two of them with the theme, Overly-Ridiculous-Gianormous-Gates.

Hey, as Mythbusters would say; if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing...

Old Gate

I loved this image immensely because it fits perfectly of the imagination I had of a fire-ridden continent (not Hell, though. Hell is too cliche'). The red robbed fellows are not guardians of the gates or magical disciples of some long-lost civilisation or vanguard knights preparing for the arrival of an exhaulted master. They just peasant folks in maintenace.

You see, the gate is so big, it take a whole village to maintain it. Every evening, several men wear red robes that protects them from the dust and clean up the large magic circle on the floor. And this isn't the main gate either, just one of the energy fields use to maintain the gates.

This is the Main Gate.

Lost Gate

Well, at least, ah, what's left of it. This image is for an idea I had about the same Gate, but about saaaay... 5000 years in the future. Yeah, those are guys in hazard suits inspecting the structure. The region of which this gate had been built had shifted and changed and gone through some major climate changes but the portal gate (what's left of it) still stands.

It will be this image which how I'm going to describe the portal gate in my private book project. Wishful I maybe but hey, when don't you wish that when you have an idea and built the story, wouldn't you want a Tolkien worthy backdrop to go with it?

2 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

I like the images. They're wonderful. One can almost imagine what the next scene would be like with images as such.


Quickening said...

@kyels: Yup! I'm still looking for in-between though, like either some great catastrophe or some neglected air. Heh, might as well just visualize it... :P

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