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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Book Project: Myths of Suvon

I wrote earlier today about a book project I’ve been working on for several years. That one’s just for fun and (hopefully!) for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

Suvon Reality is my really serious book project.

This baby of mine was the pinnacle of those entire fantasy books I’ve indulged in, much to my folks’ horror (they are, if not, my least-determined support). It was from trying to create a historical society that I looked through Victorian England as an example and ended up being immersed in Europe’s mid-1800s.

So what is Suvon Reality project anyway?

I can’t describe it in a few words without comparing it to current fantasy bigwigs; but I do hope not to be sidelined against them or influenced by them. This project is my own and for me to keep it as my idea.

It’s an entire world really, complete with histories, politics, natural disasters... and magic. Yes, I’m working on a fantasy series.

I’m taking up common fantasy themes (like dragon, wizards, towers, etc) and making up my own ideas. I’m borrowing snippets of what’s around me, what I’ve read and real human issues to fuse them in a sequence of events around one female character.

The story spans millenniums, an age of ages, but the book starts when 16-year-old Zakia Azhara brought home a wounded crow to her Damansara Utama home. She thought she would help him heal or at least, die peacefully, but instead, she was catapult into a parallel world beyond anything she had ever dreamed of.

Or had nightmares about.

But because of her actions in that parallel world called Suvon, she became entangled in a twisted fate that followed her back to her Earth life. She became from a refugee outcast to a caster of hope to martyred queen to a tool of rebellion to a broken spirit of survival.

Most of all, it is a story of a changing world on the brink of doomsday, from the life of a living catalyst.

I’ve always wanted something about mystery on the backdrop of fantasy or science-fantasy. Call it Final Fantasy disease. But unlike fantasy, the events that drive the story would be very real issues currently facing this world, like slavery, discrimination, corrupt judicial bar, caste levels, and everything else coming out of Pandora’s box.

And I’ve even created a native language for that world.
Neqi areasaiiy irione areuqanu
Asnut isnot saiya arealaas, esanasta.

I got the alphanumeric right but I’m working on proper pronunciations. This is a translation from a chorus on a Linkin Park song (heh...).

I don’t know how long this project will take, only that I won’t die without completing it first. I’m working on the background origins and histories, intelligent social species and the technical aspects of magic (from source to link to effect).

But mostly, I need to graduate and get a job to support myself first. No matter how big a world I can create, nothing beats the real thing...

Especially when the real thing wants your big fees due for this semester or you can’t enter the exams hall (Ack! To the bank! Get a check!).

PS: My monthly fiction writing, Ireulun’s Travels or Something-Like-It, is set in the world of Suvon, many years after the end of the book project. It helps to give me an idea or an outline of how I want my plot and the stories to be or not to be.

2 Minds bloomed here too...:

usws said...

I seriously, seriously need to stop reading about all your projects now. OMG, RPGs and a book too! *faints again*


p.s. And a whole new language.. that's comforting. AHAHAHA *nervous laugh*

Quickening said...

@usws: Hahaha, projects gives me many reasons to blog about! When in doubt, write a story... ;)

And for the fourth time, THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING! :D *hehehe!*

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