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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maybe a Flashlight to Get to My Car?

: Hey looky! It’s us again.
: Yeah. Looks like one of us is really trying not to do her homework.
: One of us? Don’t you mean both of us? It takes two to make a whole Quickening.
: You’re the Baddie. This excuse for a blog entry instead of the Java assignment is all your fault.
: Oh sure, blame it on my horns. As if your Brainy wings are pure white.
: Much as I like to banter with myself, I have something that’s been bothering me in my mind since last Thursday.
: Ooo, you scared of the dark, Pretty-Wings?
: It’s more likely to say that I’m scared of what crawls in the dark.
: Aren’t you a little old for-
: Not monsters. I mean snatch-thieves, kidnappers and midnight lepak-ing boys.
: Oooh, that kind of menace.
: Yeah. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean a gang of 3 guys isn’t hiding in a dark car in the alley between shoplots.
: And we - I - park really far from my car. This is the risk I face with for trying to save parking money.

From school to my car, my usual route.

: Saaay, this thing wasn’t an inspiration from SewJin’s blog is it?
: No, my stick figure is prettier than his.
: Agreed.
: On most days at school, I’m not worried since I walk during the day.
: But on Thursday s, class ends at 9pm.
: Late night. Dark.
: Yeah. Too bad I can only go home with one of me.
: My biggest fear would be route B. to C. since it’s so dark and a lot of folks park cars on both sides of the one-way street.
: Funny, I thought I’ll be more afraid of route C. to D.; crossing the street.
: Yeah, but since it’s at dark night, there’s hardly any cars on the street.
: More space for snatch-thieves on motorbikes to hit-and-run.
: Okay, now you’re scaring me worse.
: Sorry.
: So... what’s an alternative route back to the parked car?

Alternative route No. 1

: How bout this one? There are security guards along the school blocks.
: Maybe.
: Why does my bad self sound so uncertain?
: It’s route C. to D.; us British-infected cars drive on the left side with steering wheel on the right.
: Oooh, okay. You’re scared that somebody might catch you by surprise from behind.
: TV ads did say walk facing the traffic.
: So we’ll walk on the other side of the big road then.
: Next to the ‘Big Construction Site’? There are big trucks parked there at night. Anything can hide in between them moving cement mixers.
: Pessimist.
: I’m cautious. No amount of pepper spray can help you if the dark-stalkers take you by surprise first.
: Let’s try another route then.

Alternative route No. 2

: Aaah, I can see much potential problems.
: Whaddya mean? This is a great alternative route. Point B. to C. is always busy and full of people. There’s no way criminals can strike here.
: It’s not the criminals hiding I’m worried about.
: Then what the heck-
: It’s me.
: You?
: Me.
: Me?
: No, I mean me.
: Who me? Or you?
: ME!!
: Oh, meeeeee...
: Will you stop that?!
: You know, intrapersonal communication with myself is so much fun.
: You enjoy amusing yourself. You’re weird. You’re weird freaking towards Tanjung Rambutan.
: Yay, the crazy hospital. No, seriously, why don’t you like Alternative route No. 2?
: The problem is that I like it too much.
: *blinks*
: Temptation flares between route B. to C. KFC, Giant shopping, Ayamas, King Story bakery.
: Oh my gosh.
: And the piece-de-resistance, that restaurant mamak next to Kelana Furniture Mall.
: Your tandoori chicken addiction.
: I can smell it by just thinking about it! Aaaarrrggghhh!!
: Eeep! The diet! Remember the diet! Let’s think of another way, say...

: No way!
: *sigh* What now?
: The road has hardly any streetlights, much less working streetlights. Lots of dark cars park there.
: Gotcha, let’s try again.

: That’s even worse.
: How-?
: It’s as bad at the one before but the alley has a direct road straight to the LDP. Anything can hide in that road, grab me and be gone in 60 seconds flat.
: Okay, this isn’t helping at all.
: You must think of all the safety planning and precaution!
: Oh great. Now I’m mad at me.
: Well, you started it.
: How bout I just fly to my car? Look I got my wings already.
: You’re being weird again.
: I’m the weirdo with wings. I’ll split myself and leave you behind since you’re such a big help.
: Oooi! Don’t you dare!
: Bye-bye Baddie. Pretty-Wings can’t stop to walk alone on Thursday nights!

Alternative route No. 3

7 Minds bloomed here too...:

KaV said...

hmmmmm.... looks like u need more than pepper-spray... try walking around with a whistle in ur mouth and a foghorn in ur hand... plenty of noise for u to make... and perhaps sharp pointy heels wud be great too...

Ummi said...

Alaa, kiasu parking ticket... why don't you park closer to school? My idea is that you can leave the workstation in the late afternoon and park behind unitar's main building. So when class ends, your car is just nearby...


Quickening said...

@Kav: Good idea. Maybe I can wear a sign in flashing neon lights that says "Not Female Target". :D Hahaha, naah, really, I'm quite scared walking in the streets at night. Blame it on newspaper headlines *sniff*

@Ummi: Hey girl! Hm-mmm, in fact, I think that'll help a lot. I can only hope the MBPJ don't saman me... (eep!)

hyelbaine said...

hahahha..the best i've read so far today, most definitely the best! On a more serious note though, got my gal a pepper-spray a few weeks back I think its a good idea indeed ;)

Cheers!!! :D

Sewjin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sewjin said...

it sure is prettier than mine :D

Quickening said...

@hyelbaine: Yes, I have pepper spray. Tested it out once ever 3 months or so, just to check if it's still working. I now walk home with an umbrella as well. Thank you for visiting!

@sewjin: Your admiration over my artistic endevours in Paint is appreciated. Hahaha, yous better-laaa, I can never make proper circles, even with help! (aaccckk!)

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