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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Single Girl and Her Valentine’s Day

Thanks to Kav and SewJin, their views on love and Valentine’s Day had infected me with the oozy wussy day-dreams of What-I’ll-Do-On-Valentine’s-Day-If-I-Had-A-Man.

I thought I had outgrew all this V-Day stuff since I supplied myself with romantic fiction as a boyfriend substitute but I guess sometimes, one does wonders how does the real thing thinks about February 14.

Bah, humbug.

St Valentine never said that his b-day was a celebration of nyah-nyah-you’re-all-alone. There’s a great virtue in being still single and you don’t have to look hard to find it.

So you’re single and at home. All your girlfriends are out with their guys and your guyfriends are out with their girls and don’t even think about calling on your overly-concerned-too-inquisitive-but-well-meaning family.

To the Mall!

Aha! What better way to forget you’re all alone than to interact with strangers. Get your butt off that chair and take some fresh air... in a shopping area! Take out a little bit of cash with your and take a hike down your favourite departmental stores.

While other couples are busy doing their hair, checking their wardrobe and having trouble reserving a place in their overly-priced Valentine’s dinner, just strut along clothing boutiques and maybe try out the latest fashion design.

You don’t have to wait for anyone and there’s no one around you to be shocked about your eating habits when you devoured that double cheeseburger and large soda. Yup, to the Mall on Valentine’s for your ‘Me-Time’.

Cook Something Special.

Remember when all your mom, aunties, cousins and distant relation by 3rd degrees kept taking you on the “Why are you still single?” inquisition. Well, as much as you want to forget those painful hours, they do have something of a point. As a girl’s role in a married life is to cook and clean, maybe it’s a good time to brush up your cooking skills.

Only this time, you cook what YOU want to eat! Eyeing that chocolate cheese cake? Hm-mmm, how about some chicken steak with honey-lemon sauce? Better yet, take some mince meat and some taco spice seasoning, some burger buns and build a mound of Sloppy Joes! Yum!

Take the Day Off.

Of course, after that hard day’s play of window shopping and new food skills, you do need to relax. Remember, while other girls are screaming into that dress two sizes too small, you’ve just have a nice long bath, wearing your baggy pants and sipping hot Milo drink.

Oh what’s a home girl to do? Make a playlist of soothing songs, snuggle in the couch with a tub of ice-cream and pour into that romance book you’ve always wanted to read (I plan to be immersed in a Julie Garwood). Turn off your phone and lock your door. This is your quiet afternoon and to hell with anybody stopping you.

Be a Fairy Godmother!

Of course, there are some of us who cannot help but be really, REALLY conscious about Valentine’s Day. Well, if you don’t have a date for the evening doesn’t mean the rest of your girlfriends should suffer a night they might want to forget.

Make this night as special for them as you have imagined yours would be. Help them in their small dress, check their hair, make sure their plan of romance is secured (“Should I hold his hand? Should I leave the bouquet of roses in the car while we have dinner?”).

And always remember the emergency Bad-Date cell-phone call. Plan together on making a phone call in the middle of that dinner. If she’s having a bad time, it’s the emergency to I-sorry-but-I-have-to-go action plan and rescue her from the restaurant. If she’s having a great time, you’ll be the very first person to know about it (ooo, start to gossip chain!)

Blog Your Ideal Boyfriend.

Of course, you can’t say that your lack of a better half is the fault of the opposite gender. Just as some folks have a Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die list, make up a Perfect-Guy-For-Me list. Most ladies couldn’t secure a man because they wavered in their decision. Afterall, unlike securing a job, securing a partner takes more consideration (and mostly likely, he’s as undecided as you are).

So make a list and be affirm on who your man should have. Good health. Taller than me. Strong familial bonds. Taller than me. Have religious faith. Taller than me. Secured occupation. Taller than me. Loves kids. And taller than me so I may have a pair of shoulders I can lean back against.

Well, can’t say Valentine isn’t a fun and special day for the single girl. There are many way a sister can celebrate love itself and be thankful that she doesn’t have to put up with the wrong sort of guy.

Me? What am I doing on Valentine’s Day? Well, actually, I have a date with 2 guys on February 14, both at the same time. Yeah, a Java programming course. There’s the lecturer and bus full of 20+ people too. It might even take a whole day.

Well, at least I’ve got 2 guys to get busy with.

5 Minds bloomed here too...:

JiNG said...

I want to date also.. hahaha

KaV said...

now now, rantings ARE infectious, aren't they?!
BTW, I'm 5'7". And PHP kicks Java's ass!
(**now i guess u know why i'm dateless**)

Quickening said...

@jing: Sure! Leave your number, cell-phone, age, address, IC number and bank account number. Oh, and can you carter a plane for me to go to Hong Kong? Umm... with 3 other girls? *cue sweet, innocent smile* :D

@kav: Tis the season for home-boys to rant and home-girls to read about home-boys rantings. *siiiiiigh*

Just wait for Father's/Mother's Day...

5'7, wow. How's the weather up there? And agree, PHP trumps over Java but Java's sooo flexible with everything else (I had to learn how to Java... crap).

Raising Mercury said...

isk isk isk isk isk.. i should make a list of what to do also! isk isk isk isk isk isk isk......... hate vals day!! the top on my list would be to buy myself my own box of expensive chocolates to eat the loneliness away!! isk isk isk isk isk isk...

(this is me being dramatic)

hugs, have a good day!

Quickening said...

@raising mercury: YES! Let's all fall in CHOCOLATE!!! :D Hahaha, Happy Singles Awareness Day!!

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