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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Hair Is Possessed!


My hair comb broke!

Well, whaddya think I meant? It’s my third one since last September and now it’ll have to go into that drawer of mine, full of grinning, toothless combs. It’s ridiculous how much I’m depending so on these thingys to keep my strands stuffed inside my headscarf.

I really let myself loose through the last few years (bleh!). I always go out in major public with a covered head, half of the reason being that it’s neater and prettier being that way. I mean, if I’m always wrapped in white cotton, I tend to forget the stylo-mylo power cuts that most good ladies fuss to no end about.

Hadn’t cut my hair since age 17.

It was only about a year or two ago that I realized I was turning into a langsuir monster, at a house party when I joined a few other female cousins for the afternoon prayers.
Panjang-nya Liza!”
“You-ler. Giler panjang. It’s a mess-top!”

I played with a long curl and I compared it with the length of my arm, really looked at it for the first time.

Oh my God.

I sit up straight, cross-legged on the bed and this is how far it reaches down.

I really hadn’t paid much attention to my hair in years. When I’m not vaguely shampoo-ing/conditioning/brushing, I always kept it tied up, 24/7. Even prior to sleep, I ponytail’d it and then ignore.

Now that I think about it, it’s a hell of a mess. No wonder, the vacuum cleaner gets half-chocked when I clean my carpet. I always thought that it’s hair and dust from my two kitties (one of them is a Persian).

So yesterday Sunday, I borrowed my mother’s hairbrush, cleaned it and take a long brush on my hair, just to check how much exactly do I hoard the excess follicles.

Holy crap, I’m a shedding witch!


Oh, please don’t at me like that. I still say my kitties shed more hair that I do. I just drop off the big strands and chock the vacuum cleaners.

I still have no plans on getting a power-cut, not now or anytime in the future. Some...perverse demon within me wants to wait until my nephew is asleep in the same house.

Langsuir cometh!

7 Minds bloomed here too...:

twosuperheroes said... the heck did you manage your hair???? It's sooo long OMG. *faints*

Quickening said...

@2heroes: I really, REALLY dunno. :P
I kept it tied up everyday and then my haircomb broke! Waaaaah, I have to get a new one or it'll be an even worse mess. :D

Raising Mercury said...

oohh good god! OMG OMG OMG OMG! dont mean to use god's name in vain... but holy mackerel.. holy cow.. holy thing!

ggguurrrrllll!! youve been possessed BIG TIME! Okay okay, i know its totally your own hair, your own choice and things like that =p but youve put it on your blog! and i cant well, i cant keep my mouth shut now..

okay firstly... since 17?? heck why?? that hair is super long (and very thick, which is actually a good thing, because thick hair is good).. but to not jaga your hair properly? conditioner is very very the important.. it works wonders... seriously, like.. after you shampoo, just use like 5 seconds to spread it all over your hair, then brush your teeth or something then wash it off... then it will be like silky loonnggg hair =)

another thing, dont want to cut?? but why? (someone slap me please) you'd feel like a ton has been lifted of you =) and that demon would no longer hang about your shoulders.. hair is thy crowning glory? plus.. isnt it really hot stuffus it all underneath your tudung?

ive attempted tudung wearing before when i was in matrix, but ive given up =( i know how hot it can get.. damn gurll.. you must be like a superhero to tahan the heat..

annnyywaaayyssss, quick solution would be conditioner.. (leave in conditioner as well would be good)... better solution, use your length, and go get some nice curls =) girls with super long hair that get curls look really nice!... the last solution, if you are super malas... invest in one REALLY good/strong hair holder thingy, OR buy those chopstick looking thingies to hold your hair up.

oh, yeah.. evita peron has good strong stuff but damn freaking pricey! but i guess its better than buying new ones all the time?

sorry if im too blunt, just terperanjat... hahah, imagine if you straightened/rebond your hair? gosh.. it would look lagilah panjang! you could go around scaring lil children..

jap, i baru perasan, you are quite skinny ar.. =) i wonder how you do it with all your mom's fantastic cooking! tell me thou secret o great one!

sape lagik

ps - hehehe, finally you blog about something i can understand =) usually your gaming ones just go pass me, and im like... dont understand anything at all.. im such a gaming stupido...

KaV said...

wow... nice length.. though i've seen longer hair on my cousin sis when she was still a performer of Bharathanatyam....

gunakanlah syampu Rejoice untuk rambut tanpa kelemumur!

Quickening said...

@RM Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah! You had an article about YOUR hair getting foiled! Then shiny. Then much prettier!.

And I was too busy to think of my usual serious blog stuff. :P

I didn't want to cut it because I didn't want to pay RM10 at the hair-dressing salon and my mother's hand at the scissors is nothing short of disaster (put don't ask me what she did since it was waaaay back in evil, e, primary school dayz).

And my secret to looking skinny is to...
1. Do a lot of walking. I like to walk, especially window-shopping in all the major shopping complexes.
2. Drink plain water to avoid eating too much when under stress.
3. Wear baggy clothes.

Hahaha, maybe next time I'll write about pets! I write games reviews because I love to play them and they are big hits in Google search.

@kav: I'm trying to replace Maya Karin for the next Pontianak segment. ;)
Do you think the writers can conjure the Queen of the Dammed role for me? ;)

PS-4-both-of-U: I've switched from generic Tesco shampoo to Pantene hair treatment. I still shed many strands but not as much as before. I'm more trying to save my carpet actually.


kyels said...

My ... That's really long! I've never kept my hair that long and even so when it grew below my shoulders I already have the itch to snip it. Heehee. But wow, that's panjang ...


Raising Mercury said...

yay! pantene pro V all the way then hunny =) remember yah? leave in conditioner... and yes, i wear bigger clothes too! for the imagery of looking smaller than i am AND also coz its super the comfortable =)

i should start window shopping more as well come to think of it..


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