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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Twelve Commandments of Having Nuffnang Ads

I actually posted my old homework assignments in this blog, can you believe it? Reasons to it pertain as insurance; a lot of kids tend to look up online for homework answers. It’s all for blog traffic, of course.

After all, I got me a shiny new advertorial campaign! Whoo-hoo!

My Friday’s special... I can post this here, right? (eeep!)

I didn’t expect a second one so soon after my very first one; I had thought the one before was a fluke. Me blog ain’t really so hot as if you check out them big names like Estherchin or 3POINT8.

But hey, when ad marketing calls, I iz answering to ze call of ze ka-ching!

Never said I wasn’t mercenary. Still, there are some lines I won’t cross (maybe a toe or two on it). Just for a bedtime mantra, I’m wrote a discipline list about the rights to being a Nuffnang-Ad-added-blogger.

The Twelve Commandments of Having Nuffnang Ads.

1. Thou shall not put ads EVERYWHERE on thy blog. That’s just plain ridiculous.

2. Thou shall not haunt cyber cafes just to click thy own ads. It actually costs more to do that.

3. Thou shall not mess with thy busy officemates by calling over thy cubicle, “Aiyo c’mon, click-ler!”

4. Thou shall also not bother thy friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, instructors, shop owners and random strangers-on-thy-street about thy blog unless thou are actually blogging!

5. Thou will stop messing with thy public PCs’ Internet browsers by changing home address properties.

6. Thou shall click thy own ads thyself and not make bad funny of the advertising of thy ads; even if thy opinion is too true.

7. Thou may be overly sexy with super high visitor count and living in exotic South America, but thou shall still only be paid in Malaysian currency.

8. Thou shall not evaluate thy Nuffnang stats in pitying results as compared with dozens and dozens of other overly used blog stat counters.

9. Thou shall not commit exaggerated brown-nosing to thy Nuffnang Team for the ‘Featured Blog’ monthly.

10. Thou shall not prevaricate thy Nuffnang ads when thy ads ended up becoming more interesting than thee *cough*Dreamgirls*cough*.

11. Thou shall nag Nuffnag- *cough*, Nuffnang for income only if thy sure the check is not in thy mail yet.

12. Thou shall have all brag rights about thy income only if thou will belanja dinner to everbody who comments thee.

I'm sorry I wasn't around for the Great Nuffnang Birthday/Pajamas Party. From the snippets I got from blog hoppin', the results was estatic. I'll be checking on various random/expected bloggers for them pictures. PICTURES PEOPLE, YAY!!

PS: If there’s any more you can add to the list, I’m all ears. Not that I shamelessly asking for visitor returns, oh no-no-no-no-no-no-nuuuuuuuuuuuooo...

...maybe. *hehehe!*

8 Minds bloomed here too...:

3POINT8 said...

WoW...someone actually wrote commandments for Nuffnang ad. This is so good! esp no.2.
If you dun want msian dollar, i wonder if you can request them for sg dollar.

Btw, thanks for the compliment on my blog. Terima Kasih, Quickening!

coolku said...

I wish that you are my coursemate. then i can copy homeworks from you. lolz...

kljs said...

Wah lau eh. Got 12 commandments some more. I wonder if adsense also got it. ;)

Esther Chin said...

wah! mana ada big name. haha... lol!

usws said...

Why la doesn't Nuffnang send anything to me? Or is it all going into my spam? Naw, they must not like me for complaining about their party. Boo!

Can i nag Nuffnang for ads then? Hehe.. And is "Thou shall click thy own ads thyself" allowed? Aiyak, not that i have any ads to click.


p.s. *brown nosing Tim*
p.s.p.s. Darn, i'm a small name.

Quickening said...

@3.8: Hehehe! I think SgDollar works too! Saaaaaaay, at the rate of the dollar market, maybe I could request for that too... ;)

And thank you to you for commenting here!!

@coolku: If you wish, but I charge RM2-per-hour for consultation and a full RM10 for each assignment copy. *hehehe!*

@kljs: When I become a free-thinking woman, I shall break thy bonds of single-minded blog advertising and turn to dual-worship-ness. I believe that Heaven shall still give money to lost Gitteratis.


@esther: Oh course you got big name, girl! :D
You've got the 'World-Wide-Web' behind! I'm the one still on the Blogger babysitter-watch. :P

@usws: Aiyo! Better check your spambox. You might be missing a great week and you don't even know it! :o
PS: Your name would be easier to remember if only we could pronounce it! What did they call you at the party? 'Wuss'? *hehehe!*

Raising Mercury said...

i think nuffnang hates me...

ive pretty much given up on making any form of money from my blogging..

so yeah.. tra la la la...

by the ways, nice flower designs at your background!


Quickening said...

@RM: Alaa, give the Nuffnang Team a try-lar! :D
Since January, I've managed to accumulate a few good ringgits and I can't wait to get my Christmas present in the mail. *hehehe!*

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