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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Slimy Cyber Café Sneak Stole My Purse!

Just as the sign says; doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out how’s my Saturday night. If you value your entire online identity, don’t ask if I’m screwed.


I mean it. Here’s my story.

I always prefer to come here because its got really fast connection.

Once upon a 6:20pm yesterday, in an internet café at Kota D’sara, a Chinese boy, about 5 feet 5 inches, spiky haired and skinny, between his teens and early twenties, wearing striped white and red shirt with blue jeans, saw someone’s purse on the floor.

That someone is obviously the girl with white headscarf and black shirt, immersed in the cyber world, tip-tapping away. She did not realize that her purse had fallen out of her pocket and onto the floor, right beside her chair, so immersed was she in her blog.

That wallet-purse is blue-turquoise with leather exterior, slightly larger than the size of a human palm. It’s a nice fold of 3 sections; it has the Malay girl’s IC card, her driver’s license, her mother’s Bonuslink card (whenever she pumps petrol at Shell station), her Maybank ATM card, her Popular Bookstore card and exactly RM$62.50 money in it.

Being a nice Malaysian as the Chinese boy was, he swiped the purse from the floor and disappeared into happily ever after.

F**k him at his The End.

All this had been captured on full view of CCTV camera. Extra stupid, wasn’t he? At 4:50pm, I checked into my old favourite internet cafe, a Chinese-owned business run by a few mamak-type fellas with no 3 cents in their heads. I’m a very regular customer of that place, due to my lack of home internet connections so believe me when I say those mamak fellas really don’t have much in their heads.

Got the café staff to playback the CCTV. I was there for 2 hours only.

So I was blogging away, uploading pictures of my soon-to-be-nephew but I didn’t realize that my purse had fallen out. Two hours after I checked in, I left the PC No. 5 to pay my RM$4 when it hit me that I couldn’t pay because MY FREAKING PURSE IS G-O-N-E!

I know what you’re probably thinking. Oooh, it’s was my fault in the first place, I shouldn’t have tempted that guy, I’m to blame too because I wasn’t secured enough, such a careless girl, there’s always idiots in the country and I’m just at the top of chain for yadayadayadayadyada, WELL SHADDUP!

If your mentality is that way then you’re just plain sporting yahoo! for the thief. Stop reading and go suck a dog’s cock.

I’m already angry at myself for having had to have something like this happened. It’s the second time in the last 6 years that I lost my wallet through my own negligence and stupidity. My parents are already mad at me and it’s taking every once of my self-control not to slam every door I close in the house, scaring the sh** out of little babies.

Time for a brutally honest fact about Quickening; I’m usually good natured and quite a joker. I don’t often get pissed and I’m hard to get pissed but when I do get pissed, I’m not so easily to turn un-pissed after I start to get really, really pissed.

I’m pissed that I lost both IC and driver’s license. I’m pissed that I lost both big cash and book discount card (I haven’t brought any kind of paperback at all since my photo with my lazy feet up against the ones I have). I’m pissed that I lost my really nice purse (who my sister’s good friend passed it down to me) and most of all, I’m pissed at myself for being careless and idiotic.

There’s no point in being mad at myself if I’m just going to wallow in self-pity. So I directed most of my angry energy to trying to fix things as best as possible.

At the time of writing (which is offline, 1st March, 10:37pm), I’ve just got back from making a police report at Mutiara D’sara’s police station (nice place, clean, but got pictures of Top-Police-Guy Tan Sri Musa in almost every corner). After filling out the paperwork, I was direct to investigator, SargeH, and he gave me his cellphone number for any updates I could give.

My dad managed to contact the owner of the internet café and decided on a noon appointment for tomorrow about the CCTV video. I’m going save a portion of the incriminating video (freaking skinny Chinese kid with ugly shirt and pinchy fingers) and burn it onto a CD before passing it to SargeH.

Police report. I got to carry this around whenever I drive in my car now.

Not to mention my extra busy-ness days. I’ve already contacted Maybank to cancel my ATM card. I plan to get busy on Monday to re-apply my driver’s license and on Tuesday, re-apply my IC card (note2self: Photostat police report and get money to pay fine, just in case). I don’t know if I can vote in the upcoming general elections with temporary IC though but I’ll get to that bridge and cross it.

I had every intention to take screenshots and post them in this here blog too. I’ll let you guys know of any updates but don’t hold your breath yet. I’m not going back into that cyber café until this thing is completely settled. That means future blog entries are disrupted until further notice.

Now that I’ve threw up all that crap... please wish me good luck.

... *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

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kljs said...

Hope everything turns out ok for you. You probably have to contact the Election Commission to ask if you can vote with a temporary IC papers.

All the best.

KaV said...

cheer up, girl... shit happens to evryone, and there's no point being glum for too long about it...

wish u all the best with getting all these settled ASAP...

BaLQiz said...

tough luck! well, maybe this will be a good excuse to ask your parents for installin internet connection at home :-P

cheers and all da best!

kljs said...

you know...... some people, even with internet connection at home, they still go to the cybercafes.... why? because the atmosphere is different and no parent to tell you to stop playing and go to bed.

KaV said...

PS: I saw this on StarOnline...

Lost MyKad can be replaced within an hour

kyels said...

Hopefully the shithead will be caught! You are not to be blamed anyway (me thinks) b/c he should have been honest and give it back to you rather than stealing it away like a prized possession.


Raising Mercury said...

thats terrible!! how come you go to CCs? no internet line at home? damn... such bad luck you losing your wallet! i know how bad of a hassle it is losing wallets.. not from my own experience, but from DMann's =( he dropped his wallet at one of the rest stops on PLUS highway..

he was okay with losing his ic,driver's license and even some cash.. what he was most sakit hati was the ring he bought for me.. he had put it in his wallet to give it to me later that day =( and well, he was bummed about losing the ring more than the wallet because he saved up a lot for it! sad sad sad, it happened 4 years ago.. and i can still remember how bad it was..

but yes, i recall the hassles of going to the police, making a report, then the hassle of making new ic, new driving license, new student card... very very leceh.. i hope things are settled by now hunny.. all the best..

oh yes, hassle with parents as well =( i think that was the hardest for him!


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