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Friday, March 21, 2008

There’s a Fort in My Room

There are at times when I believe that the world that knows me is out to get me. Whatever sin I’ve committed to deserve this absurd punishment, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, I promise, on my word as a blogger and yada-yada-yada plus sugar on top.

I had to babysit my nephew.


Let me give you an introduction to this menace of my current life.

Name: BabyNabil
Age: Terrible ‘2’s, will turn 3 this June
Gender: Male
Status: Only child until little brother comes in May
Intelligence: Too much of it
Energy: He’ll kill the Energizer bunny first

And I tell ya, a kid like this is the best walking advertising for practicing safe sex. The last time, it was vomit on the staircase. This time is less messy but equally obstructive.

His Space is in My Space.

Beyond the blanket/tent is the life force of half what I exist for, namely my Hewlett Packard PC. Unfortunately, Lord Shrimp here had just marked his territory between the bed and the PC desktop, proclaiming the corner as rightfully his in the name of God and Clan Nabil.

This castle/tent/thing had to be erected with adult help (and when I find out which, I’m going to get my hands on that adult, one way or another) which is pretty much big enough to hold him and his feline guardsman.

Tiger on the prowl.

And wenches wishing to pass his territory shall be subjected to servitude towards the 3-feet-high and mighty king. Even his aunt. I started by tickling him to giggling fits and whacking his soft, developing body with a pillow as big as him.

Okay, so there are times when I do like having my baby nephew in da house. But usually he and I have a mutual agreement that ‘da house’ has a second bedroom that’s strictly off limit to anybody in Pampas diapers and headless Ultraman action figures.

I guess I can give leniency for today, as long as he doesn’t mess with my computer.

Oh crap, did he just turned my PC on?

2 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...

The only thing that I love about kids is the innocence portrayed when they're sleeping. Other than that I dislike them pretty much b/c they're a nuisance to myself. My mother deals w/kids everyday ( her own centre ) and I have endured and seen every shapes and sizes also differing personalities in kids and sometimes I just want to smack them in the face b/c of their tantrums or stubbornness. I'm not against kids definitely but I prefer those quiet and knows how to keep themselves busy w/their own playthings.


Quickening said...

@kyels: Yeah, it's a horror when they're awake. It took me some none-stop tickling for a full hour before BabyNabil was finally tired enough to fall asleep. Then I had to carry him to the other bedroom.

Damn cute rugrat...

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