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Friday, March 21, 2008

Games Review: Magic Match Adventures by Oberon Media

Hoooome Aloooooooooooone!!

At last! Gone! Whoosh! Sayonara! See ya!

This is me in a very empty semi-D house for the next 2 weeks. Junk food for dinner and 7-Eleven slurpee for breakfast. It’s like cuti-cuti kosong all over again. Too bad I have no bigger plans than play games, shop for jeans and read paperbacks.

Heh, I’ll let you know if I have anything new to report, but first I’ll like to blab about a really nice game I’ve been checking out during that Thurday’s day off.

Generally, when it comes to writing reviews, I choose games that are not too big on the gameplay and more emphasis on visuals and storyline. Which is a shame because gameplay puts the ‘game’ in the concept’s ‘play’.

Enough paragraph bladding, let’s get to the novel thing I tried out.

Magic Match Adventures by Oberon Media

Match 3 or more elements to accumulate enough items for the Red Spell.

I don’t always fall for the matching games, maybe because I’m kind of bad at it. The tool of the trade here is to be presented with a squarish board of various miscellaneous icons which the player must find the ones neighbouring each other in a set of 3 or more sequence.

If you’ve played games like Bejeweled 2, Cradle of Persia, Zuma or even Sushi Do, I betcha you get what I mean. Though I can fall for a pretty visual and a charming tale (ladies, beware), I can’t judge a game by those two only.

If you’ve suddenly turned careless, Evil must be afoot!

It’s up to you to save the Imp World because everybody’s too busy playing...

Magic Match Adventures is the third game in the series created by Oberon Media, one of the fanciest game-makers you can download online in the current market. This game is a story all by itself and you don’t have to seek out their previous installments to get immersed into the story.

You are welcomed into the Imp World with this ridiculous kiddie song that must have been a reject from the Wiggles TV series (I knew from that moment that Sound/Music is no biggie in this game’s development). The imps, who looked like a product union between chimpanzees and hobbits, are having a party in each of their homeland.

However, an invisible gremlin seemed to have jinxed all their preparations for the festival. Water pumps broken, row boats getting out of control, carts broken, merchandise malfunction and all other sort of absurdities of which nothing but a Red Spell can’t fix.

And yes, you’re the guy who’s going to save the fiesta.

Every imp community uses different elements in their Red Spell potion.

If you’re good at this, you get a trophy for certain milestones.

For an arcade-type game, the storyline is not bad at all. I liked watching the imps at work from my bird’s eye view and they’re as interesting in their antics in all levels on the Cute Factor. The gameplay, enhanced with potion grabbing, mana gathering, spell-casting and iced squares (that one bugs me the most) is definitely a new plus in the matching genre.

Ooo, not to mention that there’s 4 boss battles you’ll have to face too (match your stuff before your opponent does!).

Storyline, very nice; gameplay, very interesting, not bad at all. Visuals? The combination of 3D characters and 2D environment is a nice touch. But it’s the Sound/Music that severely irks me.

I think the music is supposed to make it look cute and one would have thought this is a children’s game. But it isn’t at all; gets damn difficult as you level. The sound effects is nothing grand; in fact the drum pounding indicating me running out of time just agitates me somemore.

I guess the producers know that majority of us rather play with the sound off anyway. Heh.

Yay, you saved the Water Imps. Now run! Go save the other before they make you eat their sun-dried sushi!

The trophy room, naturally, chronicles your achievements to date.

Overall, I like it enough to stick around for a complete finishing, a first for me considering it’s a matching game. In fact, it’s actually really addicting, refreshingly addicting, outrageously addicting.

Oooooo, addicting. What a dangerous thought.

At least my wardens are gone for 2 weeks! *hehehe!*

PS: Downloads for this game can be found at Reflexive Arcade. If you want the cracked version, ask me nicely.

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