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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Games Review: Spirit of Wandering - The Legend

Alright! Continuing the blog-o-posting of Saturday - I originally meant Sunday but my class ended earlier than I thought - I giving out a game review to one of the new games in the Reflexive market.

Actually, I didn’t pay for anything but it’s a better courtesy for the company that I try to promote and give reviews.

There, my conscience is cleared. Almost.

No it’s not.
Yes it is.
It’ll be clearer if you’ll admit who gave you that game crack program.
Ooo, secret tool versus dirty conscience. Gee, such a difficult choice.

*whacks Brainy and Baddie selves*


I suppose it was the play of fickle fate when I played this game with a ridiculously long name called Spirit of Wandering - The Legend (let’s refer to it as SoWTL). I say fickle fate because I downloaded this on Valentine’s Day and this game turns out to be some kind of mushy romance quest (complete with a kissing couple in the starting menu).

Not that I’m complaining. I like romance as much as the next sorry-girl but I was hoping there’ll be more to this than meets the heart.

The game portrays the pirate ship Spirit of Wandering - hence game title - and you as the captain’s tragically separated bride of the pirate captain. On the eve of your wedding, the ship called the Flying Dutchman came and pretty much crashed the seas.

The spirits of your crew is connected with earthly items which you must find.

As the remaining survivor, you must rescue all your trapped friends and your love from the reality of limbo. The story didn’t say why the Flying Dutchman has a vendetta against your ship or why that captain has a grudge against your captain.

But the crew did have some mysterious background story you can only guess about. Apparently, SoWTL is the first is a trilogy.

I think after Hidden Secret - The Nightmare, this game has the best visual in any hidden-objects game. Most games in this genre were painfully bad to look at; just a bunch of photograph cut-outs jumbled into one 800 by 600 pixels image.

SoWTL tastefully recreated a 3D environment and thankfully avoided photographic cut-outs, allowing you to be able to seek the intended objects better. Unfortunately, that’s the best I can say about SoWTL.

As you rescue your crew, the seas become more visible to you.

The gameplay doesn’t stand-out much from the current systems, maybe because of the lack of more challenging puzzle quests. It’s just a short seek-and-find game with really nice visuals and a compelling story. Music and sound effects don’t stand out either (the same music over and over again).

Replay value is not much in my estimate. But I really like it for its style of visuals, almost to the par of Dream Chronicles. Would that other hidden objects games learn from this art style.

If you want a really good seek-and-find game, I still recommended Dream Chronicles. However, as SoWTL is the first of a series of games, it may yet deliver a surprise.

The advance mode offer a bit more of a challenge.

PS: Downloads for this game can be found in Reflexive Arcade. If you want the cracked version, ask me nicely.

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