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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Careless Drive-By Shooting

One of the reasons why I had wanted a cell phone with a camera is the ability to take pictures while driving. Granted it’s not the most legally safe form of driving but when you catch something you don’t often see, one can’t help but flip the plastic clamshell open and start clicking.

I’m not camera person (see Kyel’s blog and for that), I'm just a JPEG addict.

Route between LDP and Subang exit highway. There's a lake fountain display on the other side of the road one cannot help but notice while being stuck in traffic jams.

I like driving in the rain, especially when I'm heading home. Its cooler, cleaner air and I can sing aloud to the CD player without other drivers catching me in the act.

Several days ago there was a fatal accident on the LDP Kelana Jaya. The police had closed the road but drivers driving out of area can catch the black tarp covering the dead motorcyclist. There were 6 police cars with flashing lights on the road.

Ai-yoooo, PakYong. The while Kancil car is the youngest-uncle-cum-neighbour, photo taken last month. He's the one whose big Nissan van we always borrow to transport the barbecue set for Adil-Adha. Apparently his wife knocked the Kancil into an accident and blew out the radiator. Mak helped tow the unstable car to the workshop (tow-truck charges too much).

Haha, the picture on a trip back to Pontian Kechil last Aidilfitri. This is one of my mother's cousin's house (Mom's a Javanese). The eldest living in this house, the eldest in the extended family, is - was - Wak Ram, my late grandfather's sister. She passed away peacefully not even 24 hours of this blog entry. This is the house my mother is heading to right now (I couldn't come since I got school).

Damn, I'm going to miss that nice old lady. She's been loosing her wits for some time but she's at the peak of health (still good vision and hearing, not bad).

Okay, soooo...
This isn't a drive by shot, not was Dusty the Cat was ever involved in a drive by shooting. But if he ever was in a drive by shot, he would probably pose this way (it was curtains washing day at the time).

7 Minds bloomed here too...:

KaV said...

yeah, drive-by shootings! Being a proud owner of a cybershot cam fone, i too can't resist making snapshots here and there. But it fails to dawn on me WHY do I keep forgetting to take pics on significant events, but go around taking shots of useless stuff...

3POINT8 said...

The position of the cat, LOL!
one eye big one eye small some more

Satkuru said...

yeah kyel's photos are really nice :P

i am still doing like what you do with my handphone, in fact that's how i started blogging :D

wow, you manage to get a picture of the fatal accident @_@ ganas

hahaha Dusty was giving the eyebrow, lol

Quickening said...

@kav: Heh, need more multi-tasking experience? My trick was to take out my phone and put it on the open slot under the radio. One hand on wheel, other hand free to quickdraw (er, quick-shot!). :P

3point8: Yes, fluffy cats are obnoxiously adorable. I had to wait for him to finish playing with the curtains before I could hang them.

Yup, Dusty was pretty much in the middle of a catnap. Next time I wash curtains, I'll feed him milk laced with Nescafe first... :P

@satkuru: I killed him. Then I turned around to make sure there's no evidence..


No way! :D
I school in Kelana Jaya and was going home late one afternoon. I saw the flashing police lights yards away and so managed to flip open my camera in time.

I would have gotten a closer, better shot but the cops were practically looking at me for driving with an open phone (eeep!).

I'll be posting up more photos later, gives me reason to write less long entries (hehehe!). :D

Iced Nyior said...

I do this a lot too..esp when im bored in a jam. snap happy while driving.

Raising Mercury said...

come to think of it, ive never shot any photos while driving... am usually always in a hurry =) plus.. hands are always on the wheel! hugs..

Quickening said...

@iced nyior: Ooooo, jams... One of the best drive-shots really. Glad I'm not the only well-armed camera driver!

Thank you drop dropping a comment! :D

@raising mercury: Yeah, I started that way too. Suddenly I woke up pne morning and reaized that I'm missing a lot of stuff outside my tin-can of a car and that's when I started shooting at things. :)

If you want to try, you have to be very, very careful! :o I must confess that I had near mishaps! :P

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