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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lions are Loose in the Kelana Mall!

Okay, I said I’m going to pay attention more to homework instead of blogging but it’s really hard to concerntrate on lines of code when there’s a freaking tum-tum-chang noise just next door to school.

Between 15 minutes later and on my fifth time my error-filled program refused to work (how the hell do I change this Java application into Java applet?!), I decided to call it quits, pack my bags and save this problem for another day (preferably a day when I didn’t forget to bring my textbook).

Like rats to the Pipe Piper’s music, I followed the horde to investigate the not-so-mysterious music of drums and cymbals.

The interior of Kelana Mall is pretty big for such a small place.

Kelana Mall isn’t really a packed place. Most of the store lots are still as closed as sea clams (apt description, I must say) and so any noise within the building is pretty much applified by echoes.

And at this time of the year, where there is drums and cymbals... There’s a troop of lion dancers. A least I think they’re lion dancers. I can never tell the difference between a lion and dragon get-up (sorry me). So I’m going to refer to them as lion dancers because they look so golden (heh...).

A parent pointing out the lions on the second floor to his kid.

Musicians (is that what they’re called?) banging on the drums. They take turns when one of the gets tired - somehow they have to keep the beat going.

Ooo, the lion and his escorts.

So apparently some property development company had just opened a branch in Kelana Mall. Chinese company of course. I think sending for the lion dancers is a form of blessing? Prosperity? Whatever it means, it sure beats the hell of sitting down at the PC Lab and working out programming.

The troop had started on the entrance of the Kelana Mall and worked their vigour right up to the front entrance, ground floor, of the new office building. Then they went up to the second floor and hang around that entrance too.

Both lions display their strength.

What’s this? An citrus offering?

Don’t mind if we help ourselves.

I’ve never seen a lion dance up close before. Oh, I had been present during a few (and once on an opening ceremony my dad MC’d for) but never by myself. So things time without having family members to watch out for (my lil’ bro usually hates the noise), I was able to capture the team in action to its finish.

It was quite noisy was my first impression but I eventually got used to it and managed to stand closer and closer to take shots. Of couse, half of my mind was asking me why the heck am I getting so near to a ceremony that have no affiliation with me, either educational or recreational.

Simply put, I wouldn’t miss a chance to see something different from my norm.

While one lion was busy with the fruits, his buddy chased after innocent bystanders with mandrin oranges.

The oranges and the pamelo had been cut and was served to the branch manager.

The procession concluded when the lion had eaten his veggie-on-a-string.

I must say it was pretty facinating to watch. I was so scared of getting mobbed by the lion that I missed my chance at getting my own mandrin oranges. Damn, it would have been a great picture shot.

I didn’t stick around to see the very end of lion dance; I was there for about half-an-hour at least. When I looked behind me, I wasn’t looking at the lions (which were invited inside the office) but rather, I saw the people watching the dance.

Like me, they too were awed. Who says there’s prejudice amongst races?

The appreciative audience. And these are only on the ground floor!

6 Minds bloomed here too...:

KaV said...

errr... why is Kelana Mall looking a bit.. empty??? Did the lions chase away all those people? Or is the business these days not doing so good?

And Java applets really do make me tear out my hair. Luckily, back in 2006, my lecturer had a great method of teaching us Java. Too bad I cant remember one thing.

Quickening said...

@kav: Naaah... It's just brand new. Barely 2 years ago, the whole place was just a large, open-air car park. Another thing is that this event happened at about 11am, about lunch hour when everybody else has gone to the regular places to eat.

Heh, it's either Java or PHP and I choose the lesser of two evils... :P

PS: Good luck on your new job! :D

ixora said...

Eh,bila ada lion2 ni semua? Tak perasan pon.huhu.

Quickening said...

@ixora: Laaa, pukul 11am-12pm hari ni (Tuesday, 19/2/2008)! Baru aje! Tak datang ke? Bising gila-lah, malas nak buat homework. :P

I think my head is still vibrating...

apis17 said...

you're tagged by apis :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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