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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DIY Shadow Puppets Play (with Hands!)

Quickening presents...

DIY Shadow Puppets Play (with Hands!)

Once upon a time in a village far, far away...

... there was a Duck who felt very bored because his owners went overseas for the holidays.

So he decided to pay a visit to his good friend, Mr. Dog.
“Mr. Dog, are you bored?” asked the Duck.
“Yes, I am,” said Mr. Dog. “How about we take a road trip?”
“That sounds like a great idea,” said the Duck. “But how shall we travel? We can’t go very far just by foot.”

“I know!” exclaimed Mr. Dog. “Let’s take ...”

“... the car!”
“Very good!” cried the Duck happily.

Together, the two of them hopped into the car and went on a road trip.

They took the highway and opened all the windows as they drove. Mr. Dog was very happy as he drooled with the wind. It wasn’t long before they reached the zoo.

In the zoo they saw some elephants...

... and many cute rabbits. But what caught their utmost attention was a poor, neglected...

... helicopter.

“Oh no!” exclaimed the Duck. “We must rescue this poor, neglected helicopter.”
“Of course,” Mr. Dog agreed, “A helicopter should not be locked up in a zoo.”
So the two of them snuck into the helicopter’s cage and escaped to the air.

What fun! The Duck and Mr. Dog and sure not bored anymore. The helicopter flew very nicely alongside a flock of birds.

“Let’s follow the flock of birds,” said Mr. Dog. “Let’s see where they are going.”
And so the Duck and Mr. Dog followed the birds in their rescued helicopter.

They soon found out that the birds were migratory birds and soon they reached the far away land of...


“Wow,” said the Duck.
“Yes, it’s all very exciting, isn’t it?” said Mr. Dog.
The two of them were sight-seeing the marvels of Italy when they spotted another animal. The animal introduced himself as Big Bull.

“Hello Duck. Hello Mr. Dog,” said Big Bull.
“Hello, Big Bull,” said the Duck and Mr. Dog together. “How can we help you?”
“Well, I would like to run out of Italy for a while. My owner wants to eat steak tonight and I don’t know how to cook steak.”
“Oh, are you a chef?” asked the Duck.
“Yes,” said Big Bull, “I specialize in Peking duck and exotic canine cuisine.”
“Alright then,” said Mr. Dog. “You can come with us to Malaysia.”
“Yes,” said the Duck. “You can ride in our helicopter.”
“Oh, thank you very much,” said Big Bull.

And so the three of them flew back to Malaysia where they had a nice dinner of eating each other in a Chinese restaurant...



Ooi hands! Chinese dinner-lah!




*exhausted hands*

Heh, oh well.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

8 Minds bloomed here too...:

Raising Mercury said...

that looked like an evul bunny =) wah so rajin you make cut outs! especially the KL skyline.. takkan its your fingers right? heheh..hugs! happy single awareness day (in advance)!

KaV said...

u must be REALLY free OR bored... but u sure are entertaining!

Kenny Ng said...

Ha... I used to play with it when I was a small boy

Quickening said...

@raising mercury: Yeah, IT IS an evil bunny! They have power in numbers. How didja think the poor helicopter got caught in the cage in the first place? :D

I was trying to make a Chinese dinner of fam animals being impaled on chopsticks but it didn't stand up correctly. Alaaa, better luck next time... ;)

@kav: Actually it's both! It turns out that my homework wasn't as difficult as I ranted and tanturm'd it was!

@kenny-ng: Welcome! Yeah, back when there was still little brothers, sisters, cousins and holiday season sleepovers. I'm glad my fingers are still nimble. :D

Satkuru said...

wah ! hahaha at first i was thinking how in the world did the helicopter appear :P

great story, hahaha. what a way to start my day :)

Quickening said...

@satkuru: Hey, it's not easy to twist my fingers into a helicopter, you know! I had to wait several months for my nails to grows extra long and after I made the helicopter, I had to wear an ice-pack to bring the swelling down. (hehehe!).

Thank you so much for visiting! :D

Gila Babi said...


and your hands looked delicate too .. *lusty eyes*

anyway.. i wonder the last shadow image is your fingers....

Quickening said...

@gila babi: Heh... it comes from doing house chores like washing dishes and scrubbing kitty-stains off the curtains.

Ooo yeah, they all my fingers, ROFL. I also use hair too. :P

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