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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What’s Your Favourite Death Wish?

I was listening to Pop Shuvit’s Mara Bahaya mp3 while tip-tapping away at the keyboards when it dawned to me how the music really makes me want to get up and going, do something that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Hardly a blog entry would achieve that.

It was either I stop listening to our local music bands (hehehe, not really...) else I get out of my chair and play chicken on the LDP freeway. Luckily there is a third option because the former would upset the local music industry and the latter would upset the MBPJ (chicken lady on LDP, news at eight).

My substitute was to look for a few good death wishes online (heaven praise to Google).

A death wish usually mean a person who is contemplating a last-act, final-resort action before succumbing to death. This term usually applied to depressed, nothing-left-to-lose folks.

However, in the confidence of a better outcome, to describe a death wish associated with an adrenaline junkie is just to say, “He’s plain crazy”. Hooked on the natural body’s response to a fight-or-flight situation; these things really get the juices pumping and is a healthy thing to do.

Of course, if in doing the said death wish don’t get you killed.

Mmm-mmmm, fast cars. A key to a girl’s heart is a key to a silver Mercedes Benz SLK (well, at least it works with this girl). Brutally honest fact, I love to drive. I take every opportunity to get into any of my parents’, siblings’, relatives’ friends’ car and be in charge of the steering wheel. Ask me to buy sugar in 7-Eleven at 3 in the morning? No problem! Let me get the car keys...

I suppose it’s one thing I inherited from my grandfather. He owned cars during the British era, when cars are so scarce, the roads are practically empty. His last car was a Kancil, since it’s so light and speedy.

Speedy is what I do best in a car. My death wish is to drive a real Mercedes Benz SLK and take it on the longest, straightest, emptiest highway in Germany (they got no speed limit!).

Aaaah yes. The gloves, the ropes, the carribena, the tight-strapped hip harness men won’t wear without a really good reason... I took a youth camp course when I was 14 and my favourite activity was definitely the rock climbing. Though it was a damn huge rock I was tasked to conquer, in retrospect, it was probably pretty tame.

In reality, I’m so scared of heights, I get nauseous just trying to walk on a pedestrian bridge. I’ve once got so nervous on a flying-fox at one course in (Outward Bound, Lumut), that I practically cried like a baby (the instructors let me down by ladder *shame-shame*).

Even so, given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (or rather the last-thing-I-might-do-in-a lifetime opportunity) and with a rock this big and precarious looking, I shake out my tracksuits.

Haha, the piece-de-resistance. Yes, I might be tempted to jump through the open door of an airplane with an oversized umbrella. Still, it’ll definitely be my ultimate death wish, suspended only by clouds. On a whimsical note, I often wonder if what skydivers felt is what birds feel on their first belly-flop before flight.

Believe it or not, there’s a sky-diving centre in Malaysia. Located in Segamat, Fras Skydiving Centre offers beginners’ static-line course (whatever that means). Read a first-hand report from someone who was probably forced to do it, here:

Racing cars, rock-climbing and sky-diving would be my favourite death wishes, the thing that I might do before I’ll die happy (Dear Big-Guy-Above, please don’t play ominous music, that was not a literal prayer).

So I’m going to throw this question out to all readers. What’s your favourite death wish? Do you think you can achieve it? How old would you think you’ll get around to it?

6 Minds bloomed here too...:

Satkuru said...

hahaha i haven't thought of one. but definitely a big no no to jumps, especially bungee jumping @_@ not to say i am afraid of heights but the thought of dangling upside down gives me the freak that my guts might just pop out when i reach down :P

KaV said...

bungee jumping and skydiving.... still in my list of "stuff i gotta do before my life expires"...

mayb i shud go for a swim with the sharks... i've also heard about an activity sumwer where u actually get to kiss the sharks nose (snout?).

Quickening said...

@satkuru: I know. I hate heights and big jumps. But seriously, would you turn down to get to do something like that? While you're still young? :D Hehehe, I'll do it... But I need somebody to pry my cold, numb fingers first.

@kav: Snout is right. Liked to see you do that underwater in full scuba gear. Taking them out of their element is too tame... :P

kyels said...

I dislike heights! Ironically, I'd love to try bungee jumping one day. Anyway, I love speed too ... Damn, it's fun.


Raising Mercury said...

you know what, you remind me of my co-blogger DMann, he would LOVE to drive on those no speed limit highways in Germany. Is it in germany? gosh, i forgot.. WHOAH, you love cars?! i mean i love them too, but probably not to your extent.. you sound like every guys best girl who is a friend type! they would go crazy actually have a gurl understand how much they love cars and actually able to understand what they are talking about...

when the guys start car talking, i usually just keep quiet and take all the information in (because i clearly dont know anything about it to comment on it) but i reckon, you would have A LOT to say in return...good on ya!

and whoah, your death wish list seems pretty good =) have you done any of them yet? jap, youve done the skydiving thingy already right? or have you? hmm segamat is quite, well considerably closer to me in JB then from KL. Although, you wouldnt catch me skydiving anytime soon or at all.. super scared of heights.. no really, i am. panjat ladder also i get queasy..

also.. ive always wanted to mention, or to praise you maybe, your english is remarkable! no really, it really is! again, you remind me a lot of DMann, he has like really good words to use, and writes beautifully like you! its really hard to find people that write with your sort of caliber..

in most ways, my writing skills in no where close to yours! salute! rreessspppeecctttaaaahh!


ps- ive gone missing from the blogging world as of late =( byk assignment.. studies finally starting to get heavy.. gah.. hope your uni life is good! so sorry if i havent been able to drop by much, i cant even seem to find the time to write a good entry for my own blog! hahaha..wismilak!

Quickening said...

@kyels: Why bungee when you can fly? Hehehe, yeah, methinks that bungee is a lot safer than sky-diving but sky-diving's fun last longer.

I'll try bungee jumping as long as there's somebody to who can push me off the bridge (somebody with GOOD intentions).

@RM: I. LOVE. CARS. I want sporty Mazdas and sexy M-Benz. I suppose this harks from the days when my dad test-drives sports M-Benz for a living. He turns them into second-hand cars so they can be sold for a more affordable price. So all the different office cars this house gets is new, off-the-ship, M-Benz classy cars.

Of course those days are gone now but only I can ever boast of driving 6 different Benz wiithin the span of 2 months (hahaha, bleh...! I only use a beat-up Proton now).

Ai-yo, everybody in this comment' list are scared of heights! Stick to blogging aje, kan? Hehehe, such exciting life we all lead, eh?

No, I haven't done sky-diving but it's definitely what I would like to try. I was surprised when there really is a sky-diving school in Segamat. At least now I have their address!

I always ready your pal's entries; 50% of why I liked them so much is because of the clear English use. It's really good, I must ask if he had travelled overseas or something.

I only read a lot, mostly I read heavy stuff like newspapers and paperbacks instead of American comic books or gossip magazines. Yeah, I'm weird that way (cheers!).

RM, your English is not so far behind me at all-lar... You got good descritive skills and attentive language. Proof is already in your large following. This blogging, girl! Not a grammar school! (hehehe!).

I plan on writing fiction paperbacks myself so I use blogging as trying to improve my communicative and writing skills (since I take programming, I talks to computers, no people skills there!) :D

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