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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Games Review: King’s Quest 2 (VGA Remake) by AGD Interactive

After I’ve updated my anti-virus yesterday, I decided to clean up my old-old-old folders. You wouldn’t believe all the junk I’ve collected and backed-up throughout all the 3 PCs in my lifetime (Mak was a pioneer systems analyst before she retired so our family was computer oriented since the early 1980s).

I was checking through a file that’s almost 5 years old when I came across this pretty piece of a gem. Dusty gem, faded colours with rusty fittings but still a gem.

King’ Quest 2: Romancing The Stones

Your humble, loyal, utterly devoted servant. He’s a bit... strange.

A long, long time ago before there was Playstation 2 (yes, there was life before Playstation), there was the PC and the games that depended on them. I’m practically old enough to remember original Sierra Entertainment Games (before it became Sierra On-Line).

However, this game is not it.

Look, a house! Maybe if you ask politely for directions, the mysterious inhabitants won’t try to eat you.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T spells ‘pumpkin pie’, lady!

Actually, it’s only half-and-half. You see, the graphics here are from a remake of the second of one of the first games ever built for the PC, King’s Quest series. You can tell by its generic title. Before there was Everquest, there was King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Throne, a 12-bit graphic and text-based gameplay.

Oh, please don’t make me explain what is 12-bit graphics or text-based gameplay. You’ll make me sound old.

The game utilizes every animal known in the monster book.

Just because he’s the only river-taxi guy doesn’t mean he could charge a freaking $$$&%*...

Riding on Sierra’s success, AGD Interactive is a small-profit development team that is remaking some of Sierra’s old games. For fun. So this means that this game can be downloaded for free.

I don’t mind classic as long as the gameplay (and visual) are pleasing so I took a nostalgic trip last night. Following the continuation of King’s Quest 1, your hero is Sir Graham, now the king of the nation, albeit a very lonely one.

Oooo, spooky church. What a welcoming façade.

Stop for a moment to enjoy that nice woody digitised scenery.

You need a pretty girl to occupy the big red chair next to your throne so in the impulse of a dream, you set off to a land far away on an adventure of point-and-click proportions to save baby ducklings, fetch a basket of flowers, trick a half-blind witch (no difficulty there; really...), deal with grumpy librarians and get in the middle of the clichéd vampires vs. werewolves war.

Oh yeah, you have to remember to rescue a damsel in distress somewhere at some point.

Ol’ King Neptune wants something for you just as you wants something from him.

Welcome to Surrealism Isle. Please follow the completely safe route to the tower.

Although this is a games review, I’m not going to be totally serious on the aspects of the Four Commandments of a Good Game as I always do, mainly because this was a classic of elderly proportions. I liked it, it’s nostalgic to me and mostly, you still can download this game for free (took me a while to find a working download link; haven’t I mentioned that this game is almost 5 YEARS old?).

The download includes both the game, the speech package and its music package as well. Beforewared though, it’s over 100MB... (hehehe!).

Click here to Download this Game:
Click here for complete walkthrough:

Click here to Download the Previous Game (Quest For the Crown):
Click here for Quest For the Crown’s complete walkthrough:

51 Minds bloomed here too...:

swordie said...

OMG!!! this is soooo classic dude!!!
I played this game somewhere in 1989 or 1990 while I was studying in KL. I think it was the first version.
I was so glued to this game, I played until 6am every weekend... that time no internet, so no walkthrough or guides... so have to solve all the quest. I did not finish the quest... :(
And that time, PC using Intel 286... I'm sure some have no idea what the heck is that :D Well it is lower than Pentium and lower than 486 and lower than 386 :P

Quickening said...

@swordie: I've never played the first version (my PC enjoyment in 1990 was tormenting my little brother with the mouse because he stole my cookies).

So I did a massive search for the original and found how text-based-sy it was. Gosh, imagine! Games during the non-joystick era (hehehe!).

Hahaha, now you get to revist them all over again, this time with online walkthroughs and improved gameplay. Kiddies like me just goes to show that oldies and always goodies.

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