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Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Baby Nephew No.2 - In UltraScan

It was raining like bathroom shower this morning; the weather just pours and pours and after that, the sky was still so cloudy and the light was so bright, it made sense for the lazy ones to creep back under the bedclothes, turn on our air-conditioning to 20’C, lullaby-ed by the Astro TV and wait for clear weather by night time so we can jamm and party.

Man, that’s sounds definitely bliss.

I would love to join the slug club but weekends signals the cleaning hour in this household. We don’t have a maid, so it’s vacuum, mop, dust, wipe, wash, scrape, scrub, polish, shine - and that’s just on the havoc made by the 2-year-old midget-demon.

Imagine what it’s like when MySis fully develops BabyNabil 2.0 and weekends will bring forth two brat-boys.

This is... NoNameYet.

Captured from another angle.

This is part of the video. He kept covering his face with his arm (aiyo, kecik-kecik dah camera-shy...).

MySis went to her gynaecologist in TTDI (the near-D’sara-Utama’s TTDI) and had a belly see-through, just to check on NoNameYet, who’s due in May. There’s every indication that he’s going to look like his big brother, possibly even (God forbid!) be something like his brother.

There’s a lot of baby males in clan of AbangHuzir (bro-in-law). His elder brother’s family possessed a pair of identical twin boys and their younger brother. The sister’s family has two boys as well and one very tomboyish little girl.

These babies below age 6 all gather under their Grandma’s roof almost every Saturday or Sunday. Seeing how BabyNabil was being the boss of everything without his cousins, I can only imagine what the scary situation is when 6 Devils vs. 1 Grandma.

I said I can only imagine, because I really, really rather not be around to witness it. MySis tells some pretty scary horror stories; screaming, shouting, barking, running, tugging, fighting, scratching, rolling, kicking, climbing, falling, crying.

Pretty much, what macho baby-boys always do.

Apparently, to keep the peace, Grandma keeps a whipping rotan for every child. I saw those rotans on one visit the other day, which is actually kind of short. I think it was mostly for intimidation as to a kid that short (and naughty), it was as long as his arm.

So MySis is going to give the paternal family another male infantile unit by May.

I can only hope for many, many sunny days in the future because, as seen today, babies have to stay indoors during the wet shower hour.

And I still haven’t cleaned up the slimy horror on the staircase. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get a mop.

6 Minds bloomed here too...:

kyels said...


I've never done "IT" before. You and your filthy mind; well, I'm not that innocent anyway. Hahaha! Anyway, long story of how I met her and she's already taken. The guy is lucky to have her.


UltraScan --- the wonders of being a foetus. I wish I can remember what happened when I was conceived though. Impossible wish!


KaV said...

ya know, my younger bro was quite the devil in disguise back in the days... he especially loved to play with fire, and nearly succeeded in torching down his toy box (and subsequently our spare room) when he was around 4 or 5...

good luck to ya!

SilveRaveN said...

the baby boys will be able to form a football team in the future then! haha~

my cousins from my mom's side of the family have all given birth to boys. there's a grand total of EIGHT boys now (of various ages) and finally a year back there was a girl. now it seems that the girl is the rough tomboy sort. *sighs*

Quickening said...

@kyels: You didn't? Aiyo... remember, nobody stays young and energetic forever... (not even a drowning of bleach can clean my mind, pal! *hehehe!*).

I rather not remember... Have you ever accidentaly caught your parents in the act? Wait, please don't answer that. I had no idea how I was conceived but at 3 years old, I remember how my lil' bro was conceived (Interesting... position... secret's out!).

@Kav: Buddy, you're oh-soooooooo encouraging. BabyNabil likes fires too (eeep!), gotta keep him out of the kitchen... :P

Your family didn't hang the incident on your brother's head even today, right? ... But really good story to tell his kids someday!

@silverraven: OMG, you're right! Craaaaaaap...! Must find a big field to dump them when they arrive during the festive seasons. The last thing I want is a dirty football flying over a table laden with curry and rendang!

Hahaha, your cousin's family sounds like they can have two teams of painball war! Aiyo, youngest kid is a tomboy-girl, better careful they don't play rough (or rather, she doesn't get rough on them!).

And thank you for commenting! :D

Raising Mercury said...

hey hunny, im sorry its been awhile since i last visited your site, its been a tough few weeks getting back on track in uni and stuff, the malas-ness of mine have finally caught up to me!

grandma definitely believes in that if you spare the rod you spoil the child.. for some reason, guys (baby boys) are the ones that get rottan-ed the most... girls usually dont get a beating if they are naughty!

hence, me and my sisters were never ever disciplined in that manner..hahah, double standards eh? but i guess gurls tend to do less crazzzyy things?? hahaha..

also, congrats that you are officially for the second time an aunty! so you are like aunty2.0! i wonder when id get to be an aunty, my eldest sis is 29 this year, and well.. it doesnt look like she has any plans in finding the one and settling down.. hahaha..


Quickening said...

@RM: Baby boys, from the age of 2, are instictively wired to develop and prove their 'macho-ness'.

I betcha your sister wants to be an aunty too... I know MySis had been dropping me hints... alamak...

Good luck on your uni-work, sweetie! :D

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